Y’all {my foodie readers} have been  sending me emails asking me, why for the past one week, I haven’t been frequently posting new recipes. Let me break it down for you. Apart from I nursing an excruciating deadly flu, I have been working on different projects with really awesome public individuals. {“Wacha hizo stori ziive” then when they are ready, y’all will definitely know about it}.

I am feeling much better and my “mojo” is getting back on track, it feels like a year since I last prepared or posted any dish.. I will take a day at a time. I had this thought that my diet was not on the right track, eating “bajias” every lunch time for the past week, drinking “freak-shakes and milk shakes not forgetting having ice-cream as a dessert every night. Comfort food and dead lines is all I could think of at that time. Sugars and fatty foods are my krypto-night, so when it was too late is when I realized, I needed to change my eating habits. Been having lots of fruits and veges ever since, gone back to my 1800 ml of water a day, my skin is getting back to normal {I hate pimples 🙁 – they are painful as Eff} with less intake of proteins {Apart from BACON – since Bacon is Life}.

So much for my ranting, It feels great to be back!!

Let’s get cooking:

Making – “Bacon with Veges -lettuce wraps”.


Cook time: 25 mins

Yields/Serves = 2 pax

*Main Ingredients*


-200 g of bacon

-4 to 5 washed and dried lettuce wraps.

-1 cup of “left over rice”

-1 cup of mixed veges

-3 Tablespoons of shredded coconut


Seasonings: salt, ginger powder, garlic powder, cayenne chili flakes, soy sauce, hot & sweet sauce and black pepper.


  1. Fry the bacon for 4 -7 mins. When ready, remove excess oil with a paper towel -set a side.


2. Using the same pan, with the oil from the bacon, fry the mildly frozen mixed veges for 5 mins. Season to taste.


3. Add in the left over rice to the mixed veges – combine well. Sprinkle in 2 dashes of soy sauce and the hot & sweet sauce -a minute later.


4. The soy sauce and the ketchup will add color to the veges, taste and flavor on a whole new level. {but in case you are making for kids, emit the cayenne chili flakes and instead of hot & sweet ketchup – use tomato sauce -Optional }. Let it fry for 3- 5 mins then serve.


5. Prep the lettuce wraps, break the bacon {We made earlier} into chew-able sizes. By serving the rice -veges mix to the wraps, sprinkle shredded coconut on it and top it with bacon bites.

Final Outcome:


Its a perfect , well balance snack, “brinner or brunch” meal. When I say am going “green” well, this is one of the best versions of it.


Just one bite into it, I could taste the sweetness of the yellow corn, combined with the saltiness of the bacon bits and once you swallow the whole thing, the spices at the back of your tongue gives you a wide awakening.

This is the Bees Knees”, its very fresh -crunchy on the outside -lettuce and spicy and hot.


Love and Love.


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