Eating fruits is healthy and by the time you are done eating, your definitely feel good and somewhat “healthy and happy” that you have done something incredible to your body. You can totally look at your bowl of fruits in a different way. My mother would have called this “Playing with fruits”, but I prefer the name “Having fun with fruits”.


This is my first food art, inspired by non other than “Khamis the food freak” aka @khamisthefoodfreak. He is one of the brilliant minds I have been interacting with on Instagram when it comes to food and food art. Borrowing his ideas and making it my own.

I have been meaning to go to south coast for a minute now, but since my schedule is so damn tight, I decided to bring it to Nairobi. With a twist, no sun bathing here but just diving right in with a fork, straight for the palm trees and water waves.

Making this “B.I.T.K”

*Main Ingredients*


-1 tangerine {peeled}

-2 Kiwi fruits { peeled -chopped}

-2 Bananas {peeled}


  1. Start with the bananas, place them in the middle of your plate. Place the tangerine pieces at the bottom, then add in the palm tree leaves as the kiwi fruits.
  2. Slice the banana, after you’ve already created the palm tree fruits art.

Final outcome.


Stay tuned for more Food art shenanigans.

Love and Love


Tastie Dine - Author

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