My local joint for french fries near my office got shut down and its been a week now. Nobody know for what reason, but they had the BEST bajias”  I ever had. When you are in those moods of binge eating of a whole lot of oily junk food, that’s the place my workmates and I would go to.

Its not like “Sanford” that chipo place across moi- avenue Bata dint have fries, but I am LOYAL to places I know, and … sanford, packs little food for quite a price. Anyway, so at the back of my mind I knew I got some potatoes at home. All I did was to get some chunky beef burger steaks and go do some damage on them.


Making ” Chunky burger steaks with fries”.

Prep time: 5 mins     Cook time: 45 mins   Total time: 50 mins

Yields / Serves – 1 pax.

* Main Ingredients*


– 3 peeled potatoes

– 2 chunky beef burger steaks


– 1/2 tsp of black pepper

1/2 tsp of salt

1/2 tsp of chili flakes

1/2 tsp of paprika

– Vegetable cooking oil


  1. First since the beef steaks are a bit chunky, I cut cut them into half for it to cook well, sliced the potatoes to whichever a suitable size.P1090472

2. Medium heat a frying pan with vegetable cooking oil. Place all the ingredients into one bowl and mix them.P1090473

3. Season the beef steaks on every side and place aside.P1090476

Cook the beef first, since it will take a while compared to the fries. As it cooks, keep turning all sides until all sides and the inside are golden brown. Use a fork or skewer sticks to check if the inside are cooked.P1090475

4. Once the beef is cooked, place them on serviettes to drain excess oil, while you cook the fries.

5. Serve when ready.

Final outcome.

“Sprinkled the left over seasoning on the fries, plus barbecue sauce”.


How else could you have made this dish??

Love and Love


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