Did you know that when making carrot soup, you should have or its advisable to have beef or chicken broth as one of the ingredients??  Well, I aint got time to go out of my way or means to have broth in the mix, but what you can use in place of broth {If you don’t have} is potatoes. Who would have thought about that??

That’s why I am here to guide you to minimize on your expenses and use what you can be accessible to. Don’t kill yourself trying to make that perfect dish with broth or whatever ingredients, all you need to do is to think really hard what else you can supplement instead of…. “ingredient X or Y.

These are the main ingredients normally used when making carrot soup and what I used instead.

1. Beef or chicken broth – Used mashed potatoes

2. Cream – Used undiluted milk.

My version in making ” Carrot with mashed potato soup”.


*Main Ingredients*

Prep time: 10 mins    Cook time: 45 mins   Total time: 55 mins to 1 HR

Yields /Serves: 2- 4 pax


– 5 peeled potatoes

– 6 peeled carrots

– 2 small chopped onions

– a glass of milk {Trust me you will need more}

-Nuts { we aint going to use it, was my snack though}

– Pita bread {Accompaniment}

– Black pepper

– Salt

– Blender.


  1. Medium heat a pot with vegetable oil and fry the onions until they are soft. As they fry, dice the potatoes and carrots to small pieces.
  2. Add in the carrots, stir and let them heat for 2 mins while covered.


3. After 2 mins, add 3 cups of water and let it boil till the carrots are soft and tender. give it 25 mins.

4. After boiling, let it cool aside for 5 mins before placing it in the blender to make a puree.


5. Medium heat a pot with water and add the potatoes for them to boil for 10 mins until fluffy.

6. As the potatoes boil, blend the carrots in small quantities as you add in the milk until its all smooth with no visible lumps.


7. Remove the potatoes, drain the water. Before it cools, ” this is the right time to do the mashing using your masher.” First mash the potatoes then add in the milk to smooth-en the mixture.


8. Take another pot, and using low heat, add a cube of butter, as it melts pour in enough carrot puree to suit the number of guest you have, stir for 2 mins as it simmers. Add in a portion of the mashed potatoes to the puree and continuously stir, until all is mixed well.


9. Serve with your choice of accompaniment. I used Pita bread {same main ingredient I used to make the beef burritos}. Cut the bread with your hands to whichever size and plate it.


Final outcome:


After that amazing, thick healthy soup, I had some home made dessert.

Watermelon basket with pineapples + vanilla/strawberry ice-cream.

* Main ingredients*

– slice of diced pineapples

– 1/2 water-melon basket + its diced slices

– 2 scoops of vanilla -strawberry ice-cream.


  1. Since my water-melon was all frozen, let it defrost for 10 mins. Scoop out all the melon but don’t deform the melon basket.


  1. Add in the diced pineapple + melon and ice-cream.
  2. Serve when ready.


Totally no need for a dessert bowl. The melon basket serves you right.

Love and Love


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  • mwanikipaulkariuki


    Sth else I’ve learnt is that the “tool” you used to mash the potatoes is for mashing potatoes. My mother had it in the kitchen for the longest time and neither of us knew what it was or what it was for.

    • Tastie Dine

      Hahahahhaha, you are funny. Well, “EDUMACATION” to you dear.

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