I can’t remember the last time I had white meat, and “this Lady” can’t definitely live on ground  beef, and Fish is totally out of this equation. {SUPER ALLERGIC} to anything fishy – both the drug and the meat and not forgetting people too. Ever had “chicken wraps from KFC?? Yes, its too damn delicious.The big question is why buy if you can totally make your own version at your own back yard?

According to Google: >> There is a slight difference between “Tortilla and Wraps”. Wraps have a larger surface area which allows creations for a more filling /stuffing. They normally have yeast and can be flavored too. Their size is also conducive to having the sandwiches cut in half, some that is common in wrap sandwiches, but not so common in tortilla counterparts, the taco or burrito. Tortilla – pronounced as {Tortia} It’s a flat bread commonly known to Americans, and are slightly thinner and softer for easy folding with the stuffing. <<<


“I personally don’t see any big difference between the two. Do you think there is a difference between the two??” School me…Please!!

Making Cheese Chicken Wraps.

prep time : 5 mins – Cook time: 25 mins     Total time – 30 mins

Yields/Serves = 2 pax

*Main Ingredients*


– Tortilla

-boneless chicken

-1 red onion chopped

-2 diced tomatoes

-1 diced cucumber

-slices of cheddar cheese

-parsley -for garnish

Ground spices: -black pepper, salt, rosemary, ginger, coriander, chili flakes.



  1. Cut the chicken into stripes and season them with the ground ingredients and combine – set aside as you fry the tomatoes and onions.


2. Using a sufuria or a sauce pan, using a 1/4 stick of butter, medium heat as your stir fry the tomatoes, part of the cucumber and onions until slightly golden brown.


3. Add in the seasoned stripped chicken to the mix add in soy sauce {Dark brown in color} this will add a richer flavor / color to the mix. Then combine well. Cover it up and let it heat up for 15 mins.


4. After 15 mins, check on it and taste to feel if the seasons in right. If so, let it heat up for another 5 mins while open as you stir. {Make sure its dry, we don’t need it with soup}.


Switch off the heat, and serve the chicken on a smaller dish.


There are so many different flavors to choose from, I like mine a bit chilli, you don’t necessarily have to use this particular one.

  1. Place one tortilla on a board, place a slice of cheddar cheese,  chicken stuffing {or whichever you have}, cucumber and parsley.


2. The HARDEST part is the folding or wrapping. You may fold it well, but it gets to un-wrap itself and pours out the stuffing. It can be very annoying.

-Using this very example: practice makes perfect.

There are different ways to fold tortillas but first things first, learn this step them I will teach you the other.


3. Once you’ve done with the wrapping, slice the tortilla in the middle -in a slant position.


Final outcome:


Feel free to play around with the stuffing.

FYI: – Just put enough of the filling, so it could be much easier to fold and let everything being intact.


Love and Love.


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