Cheers to a 45 minute easy dish. I welcome you to my world.


After a long day at work, most people think of a cold beverage, take out from one of your favorite food joints, but I think of an easy dish that takes less than an hour to make cause am starving.

Making a chicken -Macaroni vegetable dish.



-1/4 kg of boneless chicken

-assorted vegetable {French beans and peas}

-3 carrots

-1 whole red onion

-A bowl of Macaroni {Depends on how many people you are cocking for}



Step 1:

Dice and chop the carrots and red onion

Step 2:

Wash the chicken and cut them into pieces

Step 3:

Heat up your pot “sufuria” with 3 tsps of liquid cooking oil, add in the chopped onions and carrots and stir until tender.

Step 4:

Season the mix with 2 pinches of salt, then stir the mixture. Add in the mixed vegetables, stir then cover it up for 3 mins. Add in the chicken, stir and cover for another 10 minutes.


Step 5:

Since I rarely use normal tomatoes or royco, I use tomato paste that brings in the thick texture and a different flavor all together. Put in 2 tsp scoops of  tomato paste, add in 1/2 cup of water stir and let it simmer for another 10min.


Step 6:

I topped it up with one of my favorite ingredients – Raisins to add a crisp flavor.


Step 7:

Boil in the macaroni for 15 mins. When its done, serve while still hot.

Final outcome



Eat and stay healthy.


Love and Love.

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  • Njeri Mbogo

    This is my fav dish for a lazy evening, I also substitute with rice. Takes 30 mins tops. Never used raisins though. Will try it soon. Great work 🙂

    • Tastie Dine

      Thank you @Njeri. It is my lazy dish too. I tend to try new things every day.

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