Woke up to one of those moods, where dreams and thoughts that a “face-less” handsome lad woke up next to me, kissed me good morning. Funny this is I couldn’t see his face, it shown like the bright light of the morning sun. His body, my ohhh my…something similar to “chocolate city heart throb -Richard Robert. Yumm. Just as I was about to touch his abs.. well….the loud awaking of my alarm brought me back to my senses.


I swear, I smelt pancakes just before my alarm broke the bad news to me.

So…who’s up for some cinnamon pancakes??


Prep time: -5 mins  Total time- 20 mins

Yields/Serves -3 pax

Making “Cinnamon Pancakes with Raisins.

*Main Ingredients*

main ingredients

– 1 cup of raising flour

-3/4 cup of milk

-2 eggs

– 1/2 tsp of cinnamon

-3 tsp of sugar

-Vegetable oil.


  1. Take a container, add the cup of flour. Add the sugar then mix them together.


  1. Break the eggs in a bowl, then add in the milk, whisk them together.





  1. Pour the milk mix to the flour and mix till its smooth. If still thick, add in more milk and gently mix till smooth.






  1. When the mixture is ready, medium heat the pan with 2 tsp of vegetable oil. Pour in the dough mixture to the pan until how thick you want it to be. DONT SPREAD IT.!!!
  2. Add in oil around it to avoid it sticking on the pan. Turn it, when golden brown and cooked.



  1. Repeat till all the dough mix is cooked.

final outcome




  1. Add any toppings you have. You don’t necessarily have to go out of way. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. {I really wanted strawberries, but what I had at that moment was “Raisins”.



“The cutlery are on the wrong side. The fork should Always be on the Left while the butter knife on the right.”



Love and Love.


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Comments ( 4 )

  • Nimrod Amdany

    I am so loving it!
    Wonderful experience!
    Going for Cinnamon Pancakes with Raisins this morning.
    Simply Amazing.

    • Tastie Dine

      Thank you Nimrod.
      Make sure to share your version. Would love to see it.

  • Gloria Mairanga

    YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!!!! The dream tho’…LoL….I am an absolute fan of Pancakes and i love what you did here

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