What will I do without cheese and authentic Italian cooking if not the actual food??

Have you noticed I have done three different cooking articles in “almost” three days consecutive? I feel like “Iron Man” -Hypothetically  speaking. I feel pumped up, and grateful for all my readers for keeping the blog alive and interesting especially with the emails. #BlowsKisses to all.

“The classic part of this sauce comes with canned tomatoes {whether whole or not} and the cheese part. Yasss!! you can totally use any cheese of your choice.”


While making the sauce, you are allowed to use either lean beef /pork or sausage. Don’t be too strict while you cook and just let loose.


Making “Classic cheese spaghetti sauce”.

Prep time: 5 mins    Cook time: 25 mins    Total: – 25 mins

*Main Ingredients*


-cooked spaghetti {on the side}

-200 g of lean ground beef

-a cup of boiled peas

-1 chopped white onion

-5 gloves of grated garlic

-1 canned whole tomatoes

-cheddar cheese

-spices: – rosemary, chili flakes, salt, ginger and black pepper.


  1. First fry the onions /garlic using vegetable oil and on medium high heat till translucent. Then add in the ground beef and mix well, and cover for 10 mins.


2. Add in the canned whole tomatoes. {Every time you use canned tomatoes – I always add in some sugar to sweeten the sauce} It works wonders for me. Mix it up really well, then cover for 5 mins.


3. When boiled up, add in the boiled peas to the mixture and combine. Add in the seasonings and combine well- Cover for another 5 mins.


Serve immediately.

Final outcome:

Once you plate the food, add a touch of grated cheddar cheese. There is nothing more creamier than food with cheese.

You wouldn’t believe this, but I kept on grating the cheddar from time to time while halfway done with the munching.”

Bon appetite. 🙂


Love and Love.


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    i have a question,
    is cheddar cheese okay for pizza making, cs i want to change the type of cheese i normally use…


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