Want to work together? I would love to feature your brand on Tastie Dine Blog! I specialize in food, hotel tour, and its reviews. Think your brand fits the bill? Read through the following information on my offerings. Collaboration opportunities for Tastie Dine Blog are not exclusive to the following categories. I am always open to suggestions for unique content ideas and partnership opportunities.

Sponsored Social Post

Social Promotion includes various types of posts to social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This may also include promoted posts with a media spend if warranted.

Sponsored Blog Post

Sponsored Posts are unique blog posts created to showcase your product in an authentic and creative way. These posts are often highly engaging in copy and can range from tutorials to food posts. Posts usually have a content direction that ties in the product or brand without a subjective review. Packages with social promotion included are available.

Product Review

Product Review includes a full post dedicated to your brand. These honest reviews include a product (or service) description, pros and cons and custom photography. These posts are usually heavy on high-quality imagery, which can be negotiated for brand use.




Recipe Development

Lifestyle & Travel trips