WOW!! I never seize to amaze myself.

My first dessert EVER!! I just couldn’t stop smiling yester-night. My ride or die girlfriend Laura can be my witness about how it went down. I aint got time to start baking, so I looked for the “No bake dessert”, and I realized how many different desserts have between five to three main ingredients, leave alone the things you can do with OREOS.

How to make ” Creamy Oreo Truffles“.


Prep time: 10 mins    Melt/freezing time: 35 min     Total Time: 45 mins

Yields /Serves: 2 pax

*Main Ingredients*


-Bars of chocolate {Used 1 bar white and 1 dark}

– 3 packs of Oreos {18 pieces}

– 3 tablespoons of low fat cream cheese

– Empty bottle of soda

– Zip-lock bag

– Fork

– Tooth picks or BBQ skewers


  1. Break the chocolate and place them on a glass bowl, and set aside. NB: {If you don’t have a food processor, do this the old school way} Remove the oreos from its packets and place all of them in the ziplock bag, close it and using your soda bottle, just crush the oreos until they are in particles.P1090434

2. Add in 3 tablespoons of cream cheese to your crushed oreos and mix with your fingers till all is mixed well to make a dough.Oreo cream3. Pinch and make mini- oreo balls and place on wax papers if you have any, if not… Don’t beat yourself up. Place them on a place.OREO BALLS4. Place the oreo balls in the freezer for 10-15 mins, while you melt the chocolate. {Using a pot- add water to fill the pot 3/4 full} while it boils, place the bowl with the chocolates on top of the pot. They will melt with the steam.Melted chocolate5. Take out the chilled oreos from the freezer. Take the oreos one by one using either a tooth pick or BBQ skewers and dip it in the chocolate and coat them well. When all coated, place them on cupcake wraps or just place them on the plate or container.

6. Changed the melted chocolate into a smaller bowl for easier dipping of the balls. Purpose of the fork is to help the excess chocolate to drip out.oreo-truffles-dipping-in-melted-chocolateoreos5

7. When done place them back to the freezer for 15 mins. Serve when ready.

Final Outcome:P1090454

Added toppings of ribbed potato crisps. {You can top it with whatever you want.


Love and Love


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  • Njeri Mbogo

    I’m a sweet tooth 🙂 This looks sooooo good I must try….weekend maybe…. I have eaten too many sweets this week.

    • Tastie Dine

      Go try them out.
      I am not a sweet tooth kinda girl but I will make them for my loyal readers. Stay tuned for more.

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