I will enjoy myself.

That’s what my 20’s were for.

My 30’s are to learn lessons.

My 40’s will probably be paying for my drinks.

I am telling the world who I am,

better yet,

I am telling the world who I want to be.


When you’ll be watching the video below and reading this, officially I’ll have turned “30” years old.  I want to believe am part of the 1% of the women in this world who ain’t shy to disclose my actual age at the top of every mountain if called to. I have been really reflective about my birthday and figuring out what I have so far achieved and learned from my 20s until now. Clearly, I have learnt so much in life in general and super excited to have clocked the big three Ooh, not forgetting the failures and the mistakes along the way. Having a strong support system -family- to guide me through the challenges and help me put my chin up to push through, all I am saying is thank you for all the support and super grateful that God is also and still in my life.

To everyone out there celebrating their birthday’s on this day including “akina Moses Kipchirchir {Cousin] of Kenya RE & my home girl Lupita Nyong’o -Happy Birthday Love. Xo



Here are the key lessons I’ve learnt during my 20’s – in no particular order.

  1. Do what scares you the most
  2. Make exercise a habit. It’s the simple things that count, like hygiene -brushing your teeth and wearing deodorant.
  3. Never say never
  4. Love yourself -all day every day before you love someone else.
  5. When someone shows you who they are, believe them
  6. Have in mind, that everyone is fighting a private battle. Respond rudeness with kindness.
  7. Your attitude is everything
  8. Strike a balance between saving and fun.
  9. Everything you think you know for sure will probably change, and that’s okay.
  10. You are replaceable. Don’t get comfortable.
  11. A boring and drama free life is not such a bad thing.


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Mapenzi tele.

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