Brew Bistro’s Mojitos are HEAVENLY.



Mojito are the best alcoholic drinks I could ever recommend anyone looking for a bitter sweet drink with a little mint taste at the back of your tongue. It is my ultimate drink of the year, right after 4 cousins white wine. Yet so refreshing.

Mojito -pronounced as { mˈht/}, is basically an alcoholic drink that normally consists of five ingredients: Rum, mint leaves, white sugar {alternative – sugar cane juice acts as a syrup}, ice cubes, and lime juice. You don’t necessarily have to use these exact ingredients to make your own. This is where you get creative and break the rules just a little.

Normally, this is the method for making a normal Mojito.

Step 1:

Take a tall glass, add in {a tot} of lime juice, syrup { its easy to dissolve in liquid- compared to solid sugar} and mint leaves.

Step 2:

Mix the mixture by using a wooden muddler {Its a bar tender tool used to mash solid ingredients in order to get its juice}. The mint leaves should only be gently mashed and not shredded.

Step 3:

Add the rum into the mixture and gently stir it, so as to lift the mint leaves to the bottom to at-least look presentable.

Step 4:

Top the drink with whole ice cubes, add sparkling soda water and mint leaves. Garnish the glass with a sliced lemon wedge.

My version of how to make: A virgin Mojito with Apple juice.


1/2 a glass of Ice cubes or 1 cup of crushed ice cubes

1 tsp of sugar {can be -white or brown}

1/4 glass of apple juice

1/2 glass of ginger ale or lemonade

1 full lemon

8 mint leaves {Optional}

Normal Straws {Cut into halves}



Step 1: Using glass, add in 4 mint leaves, and sugar.


Step 2: GentlyMash together the added ingredients as you add in bits of the apple juice.

Step 3:  Add in the remaining apple juice, pour in little quantities of  lemonade,  and remaining 4 mint leaves.


Step 4: Slice the lemon into halves and quarters and garnish {Decorate} the glass with a slice and drop in some quarter pieces in the drink.

Step 5:  Gentle stir and its ready.


How do you make your Mojito drink?? Feel free to share.

Love and Love.

Tastie Dine - Author

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  • maureen njuru

    are mint leaves found on the supermarket shelves ama?

    • Tastie Dine

      Hi Maureen,
      I am not sure. I got mine from a pal. I will ask around for you.

  • Cheppy

    umma try this for sure..

    • Tastie Dine

      You should. Nothing beats when you make it at home. It worth it.

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