Prep time: 5 min {If veges are frozen}

Total time – 30 mins

One of my favorite easy dishes, especially for dinner. “They say, meals before dinner should be light and easy to or for digestion”. If you decide to have a heavy meal, have it before 7.30pm. Not sure about all these scientific study, but I realized its true thanks to practicing it.

How to prepare “Assorted vegetables with egg slices and left over Soya meat“.

Main dish

*Main Ingredients*

Assorted vegetables {French beans, peas, carrots, baby corns etc}

-3 eggs

– 1 large tomato

– 2 Small onions

*Other ingredients*

– Black pepper

– Red chili

– Salt

– Vegetable cooking oil


-Added some left over Soya meat.


  1. Chop up the tomato, onions and place them aside.
  2. Take out your frozen veges, give an allowance of 5 min for them to deep-frost.

Assorted veges

  1. Add in two table spoons of cooking oil with medium heat. Add in both the onions and tomato, and fry for 1 min. Pour in the veges and stir till all has been mixed well. Cover to let it steam on low heat.
  2. Boil water at least “2 inches of cold water” using a different pot using high heat until it boils. Add 1 tablespoon of salt, and the 3 eggs. Let it sit for about 13 mins.


  1. Keep tabs on the veges while adding in the powdered ingredients, keep stirring for about  2 more mins.

Powdered ingredients

  1. After 13 mins, have iced water in a bowl, place the 3 eggs in and leave it for 5 mins. {To allow easy egg shell removing}
  2. Remove the eggs, Carefully crack the egg, using a small spoon, peel off the shells. Slice the the eggs and place aside.
  3. Remove the veges, and serve while still hot.
  4. Micro wave – left over soya meat and add it on the plate as you serve.


The brown-ish liquid is Barbecue sauce. 

Delish food

Love and Love.

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