This was actually suppose to be a video/vlog, but am basically too shy and I literary can’t keep a straight face on camera. I love to be behind the scenes, just like Biko Zulu. “Wait, did I just compare myself with biko zulu?” {Inserts – hand gun gestures} I am waaay over my head with this one. Am sure you get what I’m trying to say. Snapchating myself in a video is a problem and task. Can anyone explain to me how I am supposed to be helped?. I think I just killed my future-future dreams and said goodbye to all the TV shows who thought am the right candidate host for their upcoming shows. However, I might just be good for radio – hint -hint- , great voice and goes together with a polished content {Inserts a forced Wink}.

Anyway, sometimes I think deadmau5 and I can work so well together. Ohh!! Tell me you know who “deadmau5 is”? Well, if you still live in the stone-age and you have snapchat, well I can’t really help you. However, for the purpose of this post,  he is a Canadian record producer and DJ from Toronto, Ontario. He’s basically known around the world as the deejay with a HUGE mascot/helmet – mouse head. He has a funny way of saying he is shy or maybe its ART, you know – whatever tickles our fancy in describing him. What can I say, but that I have a very “introvertic” but wild imagination – am different but I love it.

Back to what brings you to this post.

I’ve been sworn in by my friend M” in answering truthfully with the first answers that crosses my mind to random questions. Stay tuned.

#1. Make up or no Make up?

I am Alicia Keys all the way. I am not a patient person in general. I wonder how people find time to sit and apply these stuff – Slow clap to y’all, but I aint got time for that. The only time I can be patient is when am baking. Last I had make up on was a year or two, and I was doing a photo shoot with Ajuma’s company – City Models Africa, though the makeup looked so stunning on me, it felt like a had a mask on, and to me that’s not a good feeling. It’s just uncomfortable for me.  No make up for me!!

#2. What sports do you play or have played?

Well, in the first high school I went to, I played – Hockey, football, table tennis, poker -the cards game and I used to ran track in the athletics team for 100 meters. I was pretty good  in sports from form 1&2 – then laziness stuck. My second high school, I polished on my poker skills, tried chess, but never really pursued them. Now, am so in love with the throw back Microsoft computer game “MIDTOWN MADNESS and puzzle games like: – Wordbrain. Am basically obsessed with those two.

#3. What are your current TV shows?

The last time I watched TV was 2 months ago. I rarely watch TV.

#4.  Favorite current movies you’ve watched or Re- watched?

Get ready with a pen and paper because its’ going down {Pun intended}

The exam + The devil wears Prada + Gifted+ Mum’s list + brain on fire + the shack + deuces + moana + zootopia + inside out + secret life of pets + kingsman + logan +FF8 +central intelligence = LIST IS ENDLESS

#5. What are your favorite smell?

Like are you serious? Is this a real question??

Well, of late I have been baking lots and lots of bread dishes and the smell of freshly baked bread is just BEYOND HEAVEN.

Why are you giving me the eye -M”?  Ohh, you meant perfumes?  Read it on my first post of “Get to know me TAG”

#6. What’s your ideal 1st date?

Do people still go on dates for the right reasons??

Well, I don’t really care!! Rewind that. I’d be more comfortable with a road trip to a waterfall location, overlooking the sunset -then- we picnic there, Or – go out wearing comfortable clothing and compete in a sport /game then grab a bite – Or – Catch a movie on big screen and PDA all the way home. {Inserts – rock sign}

#7. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Summer {Pop of colors} meets Dark and dangerous {A lot of black vibe} meets Comfort.

#8. Were you popular in school?

First of all I hated my 1st high school. Why? I got bullied a lot -the school hated me – because I just didn’t fit in. No I wasn’t popular – to the 1st school. I hence moved to another school and I was popular -Kind of.

#9. Are you a reader or a tweeter?

For a long part of my life I wasn’t a reader until I joined campus /College, then my reading flourished. You know the way people enter in a JAV – Public Service Vehicle  and take out their phones within mins, CATCH ME DEAD getting my phone out if not answering a phone call. I always have a book with me or I just look out the window and day dream my way to the house.

#10. Who are your favorite You-tubers?

Well, this will be quite a long list.


-Gordon Ramsay

– The domestic Geek

-Laura in the kitchen

-Food wishes

-Cupcake Jemma



-Liza kosy




-Farhana Oberson


-Mathew Hussey

#11. Do you speak your mother tongue & how well??


Well, for starters, I am in the Kalenjin Community – Meaning I a mix of – Tugen & a Nandi. Can I speak it? – If I need to say what I need to say, then “Kind of” speak it. Linguistically speaking,  am 1%, but by blood am 100%. Hoping that makes sense.

#12. Do you have any bad habits?

Who doesn’t??

I’m not good with giving people second chances, and I give out ZERO Chills. It’s a good thing for me, but bad if you are on the other side.

#13. Are you a loner??

Hell yes.

#14. What are you currently reading?

I just got finish ” Silvia Day’s 5th book – One with you  “Cross fire novels”. It’s so much better than 50 shades and a HD graphic romantic novel. Such books tickle my fancy – So, don’t even get me started.

#15. What would you tell your younger self?

LIFE IS A BITCH, but it is also something beautiful, its’ ruthless. Just take one day at a time as you enjoy it.

Thank you for tuning in.

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Much Love

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