Happy New Month of August.

Happy to be alive, healthy and full of sunshine. How about we start this month with a get to know me tag?? Just so you all know, I never follow trends nor crowds but lately I get myself reading lots of “Tags” of different bloggers and I decided that I can definitely bend this rule, so here we go.

Getting to know TD!!

  1. What is your name?  Ms. Cheptoo Biwott
  2. Any relations to the Total man -Nicholas Biwott? I get this question A LOT, but No, there isn’t any relations to him. I’m not his daughter.
  3. How old are you? I am twenty eight years old.
  4. How many siblings do you have? Three. one brother  and two sisters. I’m the third born child “the rebel with a course”.
  5. Since you are currently a Kenyan food blogger, what was the first dish you ever prepared?  Chapati. I was taught by my cousin “Chemtai” now Mrs. Ndiwa. Of course they weren’t perfect, the corners came out soft but the middle was “a hard place”. With time I got to perfect it.
  6. What’s you’re favorite dish so far?  Meat loaf. I believe its far most the best meat dish I have ever baked. It was moist, healthy and delicious. If you missed out on this recipe, check it out here.
  7. What’s you’re favorite restaurant?  Do I have a favorite? I will break it down depending on the type of food that I enjoy eating while out.

Best juicy ribs:Big square

Best Mint Punches: Big square

Best Sandwiches: Subway & For BLT Sandwiches: Kaldis Coffee house 

Best birthday cakes with presentation: Confectionery  by Anita Nderu

Best fries and chicken: Steers

Best milkshakes: Urban Eatery {Y’all should try the S mores and Oreo-nilla shakes} Delicious!!

       8. Who do you look up to in the food blogging industry, local or Internationally?  Locally I would go with “Karen Lucas Kaz“. Have you guys seen or tasted her pies? They look amazingly delicious. However, Internationally,I would go with  Gordon Ramsay, Laura vitale, Food wishes and Jamie Oliver.

      9. Favorite drink: When at home, Moca latte, but while out:- Mint punch from Big square.

      10. What’s the last thing you bought in terms of Fashion?  A woven straw cross bag by New Look been rocking with it since last month.

Straw bag

       11. Favorite book of all time?  Previously was “Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. My favorite characters were -Lancelot and Antonio. I craved this book in high school and was really good with English -set books but now I’ve been such a fan to “Fifty shades of grey collection” -By E. L. James. These books have been written to perfection, every word, and the imagination of the character is beyond Amazing. I always tell people, read the books first, then watch the movie -Thank me later.

      12. What’s your favorite color? Burgundy and Fuchsia {Blend of pink and purple}

      13. Have any pets? Unfortunately not, but I have always wanted either an American Eskimo dog or a golden retriever.


       14. Favorite perfume?  Live by Jennifer Lopez. Been using this particular perfume for a decade and counting. When it comes to Loyalty especially to what  I love, I always stick to it.

     LIVE -JLO

    15. How tall are you? 5’7 ft tall, but for years, I’ve always thought I was 5’9 ft tall.

    16. Are you in a relationship? No, but I got my eye on someone.

    17. Who /or What makes you mad? Who -Lazy people {Esp” those who choose not to pick after themselves} and What – My space being evaded.

    18. Best advice you’ve ever received or heard ? Quoting in Swahili ” Hakuna pesa tamu kama ya jasho yako”. 

    19. If you had powers what kind would they be? Mind control and Teleport.

    20. Can you cook? Is that rhetorical?? I thought we already established that. Yes, I can cook, funny enough am yet to perfect cooking Ugali.

ME 6

Love and Love


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