It’s understandable that many who are changing to vegan or a plant based diet, struggle and miss the flavor and texture of meat. Are there any alternative way except for that of the fast food or holiday barbecue?? I believe nature has provided that answer for us in taste, so much more nutritious other than that of animal flesh.

What am referring to is mushrooms, – yes, the fungus. Its reported that there are about ten thousand or more different types of mushrooms grown all over the world.

Thinking of making mushroom soup, get the recipe here.

“Mushrooms are fat free, gluten free, cholesterol free, low in calories and sodium  last but not least a great source of fiber.” 


They have an excellent source of the B vitamins, virtually the only natural source of vitamin D.

Benefit to having Mushrooms incorporated in your day to day meals:

  • Mushrooms are anti-bacterial and anti- viral.
  • They are helpful in weigh management and very stingy on calories especially when substituted for red meat.
  • They are hard head especially when they influence blood flow.
  • Reduce red plate clamping.
  • Lower cholesterol  in blood pressure.
  • Minimize stroke damage.

Did you know??

“That mushrooms are more related to DNA to we humans than they are to plants” ….think of that the next time your eating a rack of pork ribs!!

Love and Love


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