Here is why you shouldn’t discard any citrus peels from now hence forth.

How to turn the leftover citrus peels into candy especially for the holiday bakes, parfaits, yogurt toppings, smoothies, ice-cream, cocktail garnish, props on cakes and for gifts too. They have a wide diversity on how to use them on your everyday bakes. Do you know some of the benefits of eating any citrus peels instead of discarding them? The natural remedies magazine did an extensive article on the benefits with great elaborative points. Read more HERE.

Now for other good uses of citrus peels, Emma Christensen of the Kitchn blog wrote an article of the same so read more HERE for a much better understanding.

Here’s how I make these simple treats with only 3 ingredients:

Prep time: 15 mins  Blanch time: 10 mins  Syrup time: 10 mins  Cool time: 1 hour

Total time: 1 hour 35 mins

Yields: 2 -1/2 cups

Main Ingredients:

Important tools used:

  • Sufuria /Saucepan
  • Serving spoon
  • Baking tray
  • Wire rack
  • Measuring cups
  • Wooden spoon
  • Heat from the stove


Step 1: Heat some water in a saucepan of sufuria over medium heat. Bring it to a gentle boil.

Step 2: Peel or slice off the rinds off each of the citrus fruits mentioned. Cut the rinds into strips just as shown in the video above.

Step 3: Place the strips of rind into the boiling water to blanch and remove most of the bitterness off the rinds. Let it cook for 10 mins. Turn off heat, and drain and discard the water and place the blanched rinds on a baking tray lined with a wire rack to slightly cool as it drains off.

Step 4: Using the same saucepan, prep the simple syrup using one part water and one part of the monkfruit sweetener. Place it over some heat, first mix the two together until the sugar dissolves. Leave it to simmer gently. Add back the blanched rinds into the simple syrup and mix well. Bring it to a boil for 10 mins. NOTE: You can always cook them for longer depending on how tart or sweet you want them to be.

Step 5: DO NOT DISCARD OR DRAIN the simple syrup liquid. Scoop out the rinds and place them back on the wire rack to cool completely for about = 1 hour. NB: The left over simple syrup can be used to make lemonade or any cocktail drinks. Store it in a glass mason jar and in the fridge until ready to be used.

Step 6: Place a couple of cups of the monkfruit sweetener on a clean baking tray, add in the sticky rinds and toss them around in the sweetener to coat well, and place in a glass mason jar or serve immediately.


Here is the final outcome. The sugar gets to infuse and liquefy and left with bits of the sugar crystals.

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