There are so many recipes I wanted to try out and share with you guys but all of them required condensed milk in the ingredient section and I didn’t feel like splurging a few hundreds to a thousand shillings, so I took up the challenge to find a recipe with the help of pinterest that actually worked – meaning, that I actually made it from scratch and the results was full proof as per my experience. After a couple of fails “this happens a lot by the way” and a little bit of tweaks to the recipe, I re-created this full proof recipe just for you guys. The next time you stumble upon a recipe that requires condensed milk, you’ll know what to do.

Condensed milk is basically referred to as  “liquid sugar” in the dessert world. It’s milk from a cow which the percentage of water has been reduced through a low simmer and then sugar is added.

Condensed milk is a very important ingredient in the dessert world. Recipes such as sorbets, nice creams, homemade ice creams, no bake dessert and even baked desserts may require a sugar substitute and it does come in handy. It’s a preferred ingredient especially with cold desserts since it does freeze well unlike if you are using sugar granules, not forgetting the texture will be different too. You wouldn’t enjoy ice cream for instance with sugar particles in it.

For people who prefer to consume dairy free foods, you have the option of using nut based milk such as almond, soy and the possibility of coconut milk. I haven’t yet tried out using coconut milk, but when I do, I’ll update you and possibly share a video with the results.

For the sweetener, I decide to use two types: Lakanto monk fruit classic and the normal light brown sugar. If you happen not have these two sweeteners’ mentioned, feel free to use either maple syrup, honey, castor sugar, both brown and light brown sugar or coconut sugar. The best way to choose what sweetener to use is first you need to know if that sugar substitute can caramelize. If it cannot, then you’ll not get the result you seek as per condensed milk is concern. Sweeteners such as: Stevia and Xylitol cannot be used in making condensed milk.

Here’s what you’ll need in the preparation:

Prep time: 5 Mins   Simmer time: 1 hour 5 mins   Cooling time: 30 mins

Total time: 1 hour 40 mins

Yields: 1 -1/2 cups

Main Ingredients:

Important tools used:

  • A heavy bottom sauce pan
  • spoon
  • digital scale
  • a stove
  • glass jar
  • measuring cups


Step 1: Prep the milk mixture – Placing a sauce pan over medium heat, adding the milk and the sugar. Gently and continuously stir, this will help dissolve the sugar – It may take about 5 mins. Once you feel the sugar has all dissolved, reduce the heat to the lowest setting and let it gently simmer for 1 hour. THINGS TO NOTE WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT CONSISTENCY – In between that time, the mixture will slowly start to change color to a pale yellow or cream-ish color, a frothy foam will develop and you want to scoop that out and discard it. Since those are impurities in the milk and sugar.The mixture will then reduce in half and once the texture becomes sticky to the touch and the consistency is thick – You can tell it by, dipping the back of a spoon in the mix and it sticks just like peanut butter, then your condensed milk is ready. In case you find sugar crystallization forming at the side of the pan, DO NOT BE TEMPTED to mix it into the mixture. When or If you do mix the two together, the mixture will eventually crystallize and start cracking.

Step 2: Cooling the condensed milk – After simmering for 1 hour, let the mixture cool completely for at least 30 mins in the sauce pan.

Step 3: Serving it – Into a glass jar or and storing it in the fridge until needed.


If you reside in Nairobi, Kenya and you’d like to purchase the  Lakanto MonkFruit classic sweetener in either 235 g or 800 g for both the retailers or Wholesalers, feel free to contact me via any of my official social media pages or drop me an email : [email protected]

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