This year, has began great.

I have accomplished 3 out of the 5 resolutions I had made at the beginning of this year. This is my first time, I could quote my self, when I say…. “Procrastination has indeed taken the best part of me”. You know, when you decide to put your mind to somethings, then end up saying you will get to it later?.. well that was me, the past years.

Cooking healthy food at least four times a week at my own home was among the resolutions, and if you indeed follow me on social media, you will definitely agree with me, that my cooking is not too rusty or shabby.

I can definitely cook, so if you are looking for a wife……well let that be {Story for another day} LOL.

I will put out all the dishes I have cooked in the past few days. Feel free to indicate what are your favorite dishes.

  • “Imitation” -of a vegetarian dish


Assorted vegetables {already packed} bought them at Nakumatt -southC

Packet of mini-bites “ready made” sausages

Onions, Tomato paste {Rarely use normal tomatoes}

Black pepper and Hot and sweet sauce.

Final outcome.P1080538

  •  Egg -vegetable Kaimati dish.


3 boiled eggs

assorted vegetables {Bought them from Nakumatt} they are already packed in a box.

Kaimati {Sweet delicacy} by the swahili people. South C’s finest.

Final Outcome.


  • Ugali + Fried Kales and Fried Minced beef


Maize flour – For cooking Ugali {White substance}

Kales { mixture of sukuma wiki and spinach}

Beef Minced. {Normally buy my meat at Nakumatt meat section {1st I choose the lean beef steak, watch it being minced then they pack it for me} I never go for the already minced kinds.

Final Outcome.


Funny thing, I can only cook ugali for a maximum of 2 people.

  • Spaghetti with fried sliced chicken sausages


Ready to eat -smoked chicken sausages



Final Outcome.


  • White rice + assorted vegetable with baby corns and fried minced meat.


Rice, Minced beef, Assorted vegetables [French beans, peas, Chopped carrots} + baby cons

Final Outcome.

rice with baby corns

  • Fried Githeri {Mixture of beans and maize}


Boiled maize, boiled beans {its optional to add potatoes, avocado, kales and kachumbari}.

Final Outcome.


These are just some of my favorite dishes I love to cook over and over. My cooking has just began.

Confession: Recently, I ditched my friends to go home and cook the dish with boiled eggs. I was totally having one of those craving moods. #EnoughSaid.

This is to all the “FOODIES” out there, y’all should at least join this Facebook page Foodies Club. Its about all kinds of food and am sure you will make a friend  or two at the end of the day.

What’s your favorite dish you have cooked recently?

I would love to hear from you.

Cheers to the weekend.

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