Just like white sugar, brown sugar is one of the main key ingredients in the bakery industry and there is no way you can substitute white in place of brown sugar. It’s just not the same thing. The results will be different in depth, texture and taste. I know you have come a cross a recipe that calls for either light brown or dark brown sugar. Light brown sugar has a lesser concentration of treacle (also commonly known as “molasses“), while brown sugar has a higher concentration of treacle. With this recipe, you only need two ingredients to make a batch for your next baking marathon. No more excuses that you cannot buy them anywhere, this recipe will change your life and help you save some coins.

Shall we?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Prep time: 10 mins

Main Ingredients:

*Low carb – Light brown sugar*

*Low carb – Dark brown sugar*

Important tools used:

  • Mixing bowls
  • teaspoons
  • jars + a lid for storage
  • Digital scale


Step 1: Add the monkfruit in a bowl, add the treacle and using your clean hands, rub the sugar and the molasses together between your fingers until the two are mixed well together. Repeat the steps for the dark brown sugar, and that’s it.

NOTE: When molasses is combined with sugar the mixture contain lots of moisture, when storing the sugar in jar/container, add a slice of white bread right in the middle or on top of the sugar then close it up. The bread will absorb all the moisture and prevent the sugar from clumping up.

Light brown sugar – homemade + Low carb.

Dark brown sugar – Homemade + Low carb

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