I have been having three different flavors of yogurt in my fridge for the past 4 days, strawberry, passion and vanilla and these three flavors rarely miss since I have been training myself to eat or drink healthy for the past 2 weeks {Which is unlike my usual eating habits} and I believe yogurt is a great place to start in terms of the drinking part. The thing is, while I was enjoying my passion flavored yogurt, I just happened to get bored with “spooning” < wait what?? that sounds so wrong> scratch that – having it with a spoon, and thought, “what if I made a dessert with it?” mmmmh!!. I didn’t have a clue to exactly what kind of dessert, but God bless the internet, I found the right and easy kind of dessert to make and enjoy.

……and “Fro yo fruity bites” was discovered!!!! 🙂 🙂 not to the world but by me to myself.

“Fro Yo bites is an abbreviation to “Frozen yogurt” topped up with different delicious sweet or healthy topping hence turning it into an easy dessert”.

A little flavored yogurt goes a long way in these adorable Fro Yo bites. With a mild crunch nutzy oats for the crust, a creamy yogurt center, and a freshly diced ripe mango, you’ll feel as if you’ve ordered a sumptuous snack from your local ice cream shop. But with lean protein and a touch of sweetness from the chocolate chips, paired with a fruity vibe of mango and a crust abundant in dietary fiber, makes for a healthy frozen treat, and is easy enough to make at home.

Lets get  Preppy!!

Making “Mango flavored fro-yo bites

Serves = 1 person.

Prep time: 3 mins    Chill time: 3 hrs   Total time: 3 hrs & 3 mins

*Main Ingredients*


-Vanilla flavored yogurt {Use any flavor} Or Greek Yogurt.

-4 Tsps of oats

-1 ripe diced mango

-4 Tsp of chocolate chips

-1 Tsp of shredded coconut

*Other Tools*

-4 cupcake liners


-chopping board

-Table spoon



  1. If you have a baking tray {Use that to line the cuppies} If you don’t, RELAX!!! and improvise like I did. I used a dish as shown below.


2. For the base, I added in the oats {not too much or little} just enough.


3. Add in Spoon 2 table spoon of yogurt on top of the oats, till half way up the cuppies.


4. Add in the different topping you have -to add in some color and flavors.


NB: the baking tray could coming really handy on this part, to avoid them spilling over. 

Place the in the freezer for 3 hours and serve after that.

final outcome:


I decided to throw in some {tangerines as part of the garnish}, to add in a healthy vibe to it.


You can make a whole batch of these treats on a lazy hot afternoon, and then freeze and enjoy later, when cravings hit!

Is this eating clean?? Whats’ your take on this??


Love and Love.


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