I am normally indoors every weekend, and since I work Monday to Saturday, trust me working in a hotel industry is not an easy career. Having some “you time” is so limited and sometimes exhausting cause of the constant phone-calls for different bookings and hotel reservations whether you are at work or on vacation. Clients don’t care what time they are calling you.

Phone call/s boundary people!!

Anyway,… this weekend I was in one of those moods for a dessert, and I challenged myself to make it from scratch. This dessert, I got it from a Korean food show, can’t remember where I watched this, all I remember is the recipe for the dessert.


How to make “Mash-mellow oats + ice cream toppings”.

*prep time: 5 mins     Cook time: 10 mins     Total time: 15 mins

*Main Ingredients*


– 1 cup of marsh mellows {I used apple -banana flavor}

– 1 cup of oats {you can use rice cornflakes}

– 2 Tsp of milk

– 1 large stick of butter


1. If the mash-mellows are big, just cut them into sizable pieces. Using a pot or a sufuria, place the butter on medium heat, once its melted place the m-mellows and stir till all is melted. Add in the milk and continuously stir till all is evenly melted.


2. Once all is melted, transfer it to a different dish, then add in the oat and mix. You can use your hands or a spoon. NB: This stage gets quite sticky.


3. Mould it like dough to whichever shape you want. Let it cool for 2 mins or so, then cut it out into squares.


4. Plate them and add any toppings. I added Neapolitan ice cream {Combined vanilla- strawberry and chocolate flavors}



This dish was originally made using rice cornflakes, but like I always mention,

“Its advisable to use what you have”.

I ending up using oats instead of the rice flakes and they came out really crunchy, sweet but healthy. Oats are healthy and high in fibre , pretty sure you are going to enjoy this one.

Eat and stay healthy people.

Love and Love


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