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This is my little way of saying thank you for the support on my blog and to introduce you to my new YouTube Channel.

This has got to be the biggest yet giveaway with 15″ lucky random winners taking home part accessories, part makeup and part edibles come Wednesday next week. The non-edible items are from an online shopping site called – Shop Miss A based in Dallas Texas while the edibles are courtesy of my home bakery #TastieBakes. Since 90% of the accessories are favoring the ladies, I had to incorporate assorted pastries from my pastry menu just for the random lucky gentlemen. Y’all have got to be ready to participate in a few simple rules.

How to participate:

Compulsory steps:

  1. Be a subscriber to my new YouTube Channel
  2. Be a Subscriber to my Blog
  3. With the #GiveAwayByTD, send a selfie of yourself – tagging me either on my Twitter or Instagram, with what you hope to win. If its’ a makeup bag – holding your current bag, rocking your favorite sunglasses, makeup – in terms of a beat face” and for the edible – send me a picture of you enjoying a donut.

Optional steps: – Boost your chance of winning!

  1. Follow me on my: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google +

Giveaway Items include:

  • 6 ladies to win: – AOA Studio – MakeUp bags
  • 3 ladies to win: AOA studio – liquid concealers
  • 2 ladies to win: L.A Color – Liquid foundations
  • 1 lady to win: Sunglasses
  • 1 man to win: Sunglasses
  • 2 men to win: baked assorted pastries -courtesy of #TastieBakes

Good Luck!!

  May the best Selfies win.

Tastie Dine - Author

Thanks for stopping by Tastie Dine's Food bubble and I am stoked to have you here. I am Ms. Biwott and here you'll find a variety of meal preps to tickle your cravings, moods and probably a healthy side too. So, what you waiting for, get subscribed here and on my Youtube channel if my content rocks your boat.

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