I am a huge fan, scratch that – I am a SUPER huge fan of Gordon Ramsay. He is a Scottish born British chef and restaurant-er, an author, but a former footballer with more than sixteen Michellin stars awarded to his restaurants. He is better known from “Hell’s Kitchen” and he sure does supplement lots of ideas in my cooking. Y’all should just watch him on his you tube channel.

Yesterday, was watching his cooking about easy way to prepare steak, and thats exactly what stuck to mind when I got home and prepared something similar to that. My ohh my!!! It came our really good.


Making ‘Mixed Vegetable Steak”.

Prep time: 5 mins    Cook time: 25 mins     Total time = 30 Mins

Yields /Serves = 2 pax

*Main Ingredients*



-Mixed Vegetables {Peas, carrots,and french beans}

-Spices {Rosemary, cayenne chili flakes, coriander, black pepper, salt,paprika}

-1 lemon

– Soy sauce

-Tomato paste

-Butter {Unsalted}


  1. Cut a  thin stick of butter and medium high heat a pan till until hot. As the pan gets hot, season the steaks. {I put all the ground spices into a dish and mixed them up, then pinched a handful and smeared it all over the steaks.


2. Place the seasoned steaks one by one on the hot pan with melted butter. Make room for the second one and shallow fry them. Let them fry 2 mins each on one side before turning the other side.



3. Once that is all cooked to medium rare, then place it on a board and set aside, as you lightly steam the veges, so it could retain the nutrients. Add tomato paste, season with salt and black pepper and cover for 2 mins.


4. Slantly -Slice the steak as the veges steam. Then plate it to your preference. Squeeze in line juice on the steak before adding in the mixed veges.

Final Outcome:


Love and Love.


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