Counting Down to Mother’s day – this Sunday.

upcoming mother's day

My mama bear just jetted in town yester-night and I always love spending quality time with her, since I learn so much more and her company is beyond words. She probably doesn’t keep tabs of her birthdays or special occasion such as “Mothers’ day and that’s the reason I am here, to remind her what she almost missed out on.  She is elderly {Total denial- she’s getting old}.

Perfect timing for us to spend mother’s day together and total bonding.

I will start with what we prepared together – dinner yesterday.

Simple local cuisine:

Ugali + Dry beef fry.

Ugali + Fry

It was incredible delicious, though I must confess, I have not quite yet perfected my Ugali cooking. I find it quite hard, yet so many say its the simplest African dish to prepare, well for me its a different story. The Ugali preparation is courtesy of Mama Bear {Mum} and the Dry beef fry is I.

It was amazingly scrumptious.


What is that special treat or meal that you are to surprise your Mother with??

Well… I may just have a simple breakfast Idea for you.

Bread sticks with Cinnamon



– 8 slices of white bread {can use brown bread}

– 4 Eggs

– 1 -1/2 tsp of butter

-1/2 cup of milk

-1/4 cup of sugar

-1 -1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder

– Maple syrup or honey

Prep Time: 5 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Overall time: 15 mins


1. Take the 8 slices of white bread, remove the crust and cut each slice into 4 sticks.


2. Using a wide bowl, pour milk, break the eggs in, add a pinch on salt and mix them thoroughly. Roll the bread sticks into the mixture -but let them not Soak. Drain the excess and place them on a different plate.

3. Mix the sugar and cinnamon into a bowl.


4. Heat the butter using a pan with medium heat.

5. When hot enough, put in the bread sticks in and keep turning when golden brown.


6. Immediately, take them out when all golden brown. Using the sugar & cinnamon- roll the sticks to coat. NB: Do this while still hot.


7. Serve with maple syrup.


Did you know, French toast are best prepared with Stale bread???


Happy coming Mother’s day to all Mums out there.

Love and Love.

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  • gracemuchiri

    Your recipes are easy andvery unique I’ll try this one out as well!

    • Tastie Dine

      Thank you Grace. The whole point of this blog is to make Unique – easy dishes. Try and make sure to tag me.

  • Paul Kariuki

    HEY..just rread this after loving the blog on egg avocado appetizer. Your recipes are simple and to die for. Que tho’ aint this one too much sugarly with the sugar and maple syrup all over..otherwise much appreciated.

    • Tastie Dine

      Heey Paul, I got to say You are the first guy to comment the rest are ladies. Welcome to TD.
      Thank you for the love, it appreciated.
      “The sugar is just for coating, but that particular one with maple was for my pal, mine was simple as the coated one”. The maple was just a topping that I had, and gave my readers something to play around with.

  • Nonie the Foodie

    how did i just discover this fellow foodie??? good one mama

    • Tastie Dine

      Hi Nonie, I just started this March, and love am getting makes me excited and ready to share it to my readers. Thanks for stopping by Doll. It means so much.

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