Did you know that Queen Elizabeth always has this chocolate biscuit cake served in her dining room with tea since its her favorite dessert? Apparently her former chef – chef Darren McGrady, says its the most requested and made cake for the royal highness and her guests. She’s got a sweet tooth for chocolate and the biscuit cake and these two items cannot miss on the dessert table at the royal palace.

Its’ egg-less, flour-less but it has some dairy in it, that is whipping cream used to make the chocolate ganache. Its such a decadent dessert with quite the crunch out of the many crushed biscuits used. With this part, you can definitely use either flavored or non – flavored biscuits. I decided to used Nuvita’s ginger flavored crunchy biscuits, but with the endless options of your favorite biscuits from crackers, to digestives, to oreos, nothing is cast on stone. The end result of this cake, I decide to leave it a little bit rustic and raw with no fancy decoration, but feel free to fine tune yours if you decide to take up this challenge.

NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing some of the slices, each slice goes for Ksh 200. Each slice is accompanied with a smaller piece on the side. So far 2 have been SOLD and 4 slices are still available. Contact me through direct message via any of my socials on either Instagram or Facebook.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Prep time: 20 mins   Assemble time: 5 mins  Chill time: 6 hours

Total time: 6 hours 25 mins

Yields: 1 and 1/2 batches

Serves: 6 pax

Main Ingredients:

Important tools used:

  • Sauce pan
  • 7 inch spring form pan
  • Parchment paper
  • Wooden spoon
  • Rubber spatula
  • Large mixing bowls
  • Heat on the stove
  • An icebox – Fridge


Step 1: In a sauce pan, add margarine + cocoa + Monkfruit sweetener + glucose syrup + water, and heat it over medium heat until all has mixed, melted and combined together. Remove from the heat, set it aside to thicken.

Step 2: Break the Nuvita biscuits into bite size pieces.

Step 3: Pour the melted mix of step 1 to the biscuits and mix well until all pieces get coated well.

Step 4: Add the coated biscuits to a lined spring form pan lined with parchment paper at the base, and press the mixture down firmly. Tap the pan gently on the counter top

Step 5: Make the chocolate ganache, by pouring over some heated whipping cream to the chocolate. Give it 1 min for the heat to melt the chocolate. Mix it well until its’ smooth. Add in the powdered sugar and fold it in, until its not visible any more.

Step 6: Pour the ganache over the biscuit mix and level it as much as possible. I left mine a little bit rustic.

Step 7: Set it in the fridge to chill for 6 hours or overnight.

Step 8: Take it out the fridge and slice and serve.


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