A fan, colorful, non alcoholic tropical Mojito is a delicious drink that has different tropical fruits immersed in fruit juices placed in either mason jars or large pitchers with ice cubes. This is a drink that you would want to prepare in advance and keep it chilled in your fridge for a “Cool me down” Summer type of day.

Mo- hi- tou  is the correct pronunciation of the word “MOJITO”

I’ve been meaning to switch up or rather balance the equation of my blogging from food to different alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks suitable from kids to adults, and I get to start with this article.


About six years ago, I had my first ever alcoholic mojito at Brew bistro. My first sip got me gulping down that refreshing cold drink in 10 seconds. I later had eight more of them with shots in between before I called it a night.

I know its been years down the line from my first encounter with a mojito drink – and I have been a fanatic ever since. Every time I decide to go out and have a drink with friends, I literary choose clubs / hotels that have a large variety of cocktails. “No kidding”. Recently – Meaning Yesterday, I happen to stumble upon a place that sells – fresh Mint leaves while I was doing grocery shopping. I got mine at Tuskys -Kenyatta avenue {Nairobi} at Ksh 30/- a bunch. Its a very Fat bunch.


If you’re a work out junkie, you can probably make this a head of time pack it in your gym bag, then after work out – trust me this is your go to drink – because its full of fresh fruits, minty vibe, colorful and delicious at the same damn time. YUM!!

Lets make a “Non alcoholic tropical mojito”.

Serves = 2 pax

Prep time: 8 mins  – Total time: 8 mins



  • 1 ripe mango
  • a handful of seedless grapes – diced in two
  • a piece of pineapple
  • 1 orange – circular sliced
  • 1 lime – circular sliced
  • a slice of watermelon
  • mint leaves


  • 1 cup of Lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup of mango juice


  • 8 ice cubes / Or more
  • mason jars  / OR a large pitcher


  1. Slice up half of each fruit into small pieces and place them into each of the mason jars. Add in the juices, -Place in 4 ice cubes in each of the jars. Add the mint leaves on each jar as the last ingredient. Close the jars – give them a good shake and place in the fridge to chill for 2 -3 hours before serving.


If you find it hard to eat fruits, you can as well drink them or vice versa.

This drink is a BLAST for HEAVEN. #SummerDrinks

Love TD.

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