In France, parfait refers to a frozen dessert made from a base of sugar syrup, egg, and cream.  In The United States, parfait refers to either the traditional French-style dessert or to a popular variant, the American parfait, made by layering parfait cream, ice cream, and/or flavored gelatin in a tall, clear glass, and topping the creation with whipped cream, fresh or canned fruit, and/or liqueurs.


Parfait > is from the word “perfect” and  pronounced as “Parfee” the T is silent.

The best part about parfait, is that while making them there are no rules. You can use fruits, oats, yogurt, ice cream, chocolate chip, any type of syrup, the list is endless.

There are two main versions to making any type of parfait- It could be in a dessert version or a breakfast version, and that’s what I made today morning. Seat tight for the final outcome.

Making “Oreo Crunch Parfait”.


“This version is more of the dessert kind, full of chocolaty flavors, vanilla taste and crunch nutzy oat filling.”

Total time: 10 mins

Yields/serves =1 person.

*Main Ingredients*


-Oreo cookies

-1/4 cup of chocolate chip

-1/4 cup of crunchy nutzy oats

-passion flavored yogurt

*Other tools*

-a clear dessert glass

-a rolling pin

-1 zip lock clear bag


  1. Place 5 – 6 pieces of oreo cookies in the zip lock bag. {The old school way} Crumble it by hitting it with the rolling pin. Or you can use a food processor.


2. Start to layer the glass {whichever way you like}. The layers that I used were: bottom part – Oreo crumble, Yogurt part, crunchy nuts {oat}, threw in a mixed fruit vibe and chocolate chips.

“Repeat these steps till you reach the top of the glass.”

Final outcome.


Making “Fruity yogurt Parfait”.


“This being my favorite of the two, its full of fiber from the oats, rich in vitamins, and just the best way to start your morning.”

Total time: 15 mins

Yields/serves =1 person.

*Main Ingredients*


-Passion flavored yogurt

-1/4 cup of crunch nutzy oats

-1 apple

-2 tangerines

-1 ripe mango

-2 table spoons of shredded coconut

-2 table spoons of mango juice {tree top}

*Other tools*

-a clear dessert glass


-bowls -dishes

-chopping board.


  1. Dice the apple and mango – place in one dish /bowl, peel the tangerine and add them to the other fruits. Instead of adding honey, I added 2 table spoons of mango juice to the fruits and mixed them well.


2. Start to layer the glass. The layers that I used here were: bottom part – Yogurt part, crunch nutzy {oats}, mixed fruit vibe, shredded coconut and finished with a thinly sliced apple garnish.


….So which of the two parfait, do you think you could be jazzed about?? Y’all now know my favorite, now it your turn.


Get your spoons out, and start scooping.


Love and Love,


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