I am such a food groupie.

Last week I happened to leave Facebook  groups that I had been invited, that I felt didn’t make so much difference in my life. I had a moment to figure out what exactly puts smiles on my face. With the knowledge I have on food,I decided to look for good groups that share ideas in terms of simple to complicated foods and I happen to stumble upon “The Foodies Club Nairobi”. This group on Facebook is run by Wangeci Wandere.

Her page is one of the many main reasons why I log on to Facebook everyday, just to be challenged of what brilliant ideas I can implement in my daily life -in terms of good healthy foods. I would highly recommend y’all to check out that page, whether you are a foodie or not.

Today’s breakfast was all about two ingredients:

Sausages {Any kind} and potatoes.

-Tomatoes, Onion, pepper, carrots {and any other}

Currently sausages have become one of my favorite ingredients to make dishes with, be it in fruits or the main course. I have mentioned time and time again, that having bread in the morning , as in day in day out is too much of a cliche’, so I always source for food inspiration from food network or that page mentioned above.

Sausage- potato “Breakfast” dish


Step 1: peel the 5-10 potatoes and wash them them place the in a bowl with water. {The number of potatoes could be more depending on the guests you have.}

diced potatoes

Step 2: Take the peeled potatoes and dice them into cubic sizes, then wash them.

Step 3: chop all the other ingredients {Tomatoes, onions, etc}


Step 4: you can use either a frying pan or “sufuria} I will use a pan. Add 2 tsp of liquid cooking oil, when hot add the chopped ingredients, shallow fry till golden brown.


Step 5: Add in the diced potatoes, stir and add little water to avoid it sticking to the surface then cover it up. wait for 10 mins.Make sure the potatoes are ready, then later add the chopped sausages stir it for 5 to 8 mins.


You can totally shallow fry the whole dish or roast it.

Final outcome:

Here is a glimse. You can serve it along side Warm milk {Love warm milk} or any other beverage that “Rocks your Boat”.


This dish, is super easy and healthy and ……. trust me very… very scrumptious!!

Would love to hear what your planing to make for your next meal.

Muchos Love

Ms. Cheptoo Cece.

Tastie Dine - Author

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  • Njeri Mbogo

    This looks yummmmmy! I’ll try it over the weekend.

    • Tastie Dine

      This is my favorite dish esp for breakfast. I TOTALLY recommend it . Send me a picture when you do.

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