Let’s talk education on these three drinks that some of us have confused at one point while making an order or just while serving guests. Smoothies, cocktails and mock-tails are three different drinks that may have similar flavors.

Smoothies are a fruit and dairy (usually) blended together and doesn’t contain alcohol.

Cocktails are mixed liqueurs and juices generally.

Mock-tails are non-alcoholic mixtures of fruit juices or soft drinks meant to mimic a cocktail.


Making : Version 1

prep time: 5 mins    Total time – 5mins

Yields /Serves 2 Wine glasses

Mango and Kiwi “mixed” Mock-tail

*Main ingredients*

– 1 full ripe mango

– 3 kiwi fruits

– Raisins for toppings {Optional}



  1. Dice the mangoes and kiwis in separate dishes, then blend them together. Add 2 ice-cubes together blend.


  1. Serve

P1090304 P1090307

Version 2:

Prep time- 5 mins    Total time – 10 mins

Yields/ Serves – 4 wine glasses


Making: Layered -Water-Melon + mango + kiwi Mock-tail

*Main Ingredients*

-1 full ripe mango

– 3 kiwi fruits

– 1/4 cut water-melon

– Blender


  1. Dice the mangoes and kiwi in separate dishes, then blend them together. Add 2 ice-cubes together blend.
  2. First blend in the kiwi fruit with a handful of watermelon, serve it as {1st Layer}. Empty the blender, then put in the mangoes alone, blend. {2nd layer}, Finally, blend in the watermelon-serve as the {3rd layer}.

P1090309 3. You can either decide to blend in the ice cubes or, blend first then chill the drinks for 2 more mins, then serve. {You decide}. P1090322 3. Serve whenever you ready. P1090321

Healthy drinks just for you.

Love and Love.


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  • emmah

    Pure education right there trust I didn’t know that and I did wines and bar in school.
    Suggestion: skin drinks or acne drinks, like I have acne and I mostly drink vegetable juice but tends to be boring sometime so more options would be lovely 🙂

    • Tastie Dine

      I will definitely look into more suitable drinks suitable for everybody. Will definitely keep you posted Doll.

  • Paul Kariuki

    my tongues out..can’t wait to get my hands on a kiwi mocktail.

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