Pigs in a blanket are appetizers referred to as varieties of different sausage-based foods in different states “abroad”. Many are large, but other recipes call for a dish that is small in size and can be eaten in one or two bites.


My version is made with a simple fun twist. While other recipes use dough then bake them together with the sausages/chipolatas, others prefer to use pancake slices to cover the sausages, but I went all out with flavored slices of tortilla.

Making: “Pigs in a Blanket“.

Prep time: 5 mins    Cook time: 5 mins  = 10 mins

Yields: 10 pieces.



  • 2 Pieces of tortilla
  • 5  farmers choice smokies
  • 1 tomato -Garnish {OPTIONAL}
  • Chocolate syrup – Garnish {OPTIONAL}


  • Tooth picks


  1. Slightly fry the “ready made Smokies” for 3-4 mins to warm them up, by adding a little shine to them.


2. Cut the 2 pieces of tortilla into thick slices able to wrap the smokies.


3. Wipe off the excess oil from the smokies, cut them into halves and wrap each slice of tortilla -hence secure it with tooth picks.


4. Drizzle chocolate syrup onto a plate, align the pigs in a blanket -and garnish to your preference.

P1130060  Serve.


Love and Love,



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