…so, I finally did it.

I quit my 8 to 5 job, a career that was my everything at one point and something I had known and once loved. I dedicated eight years of my life in the same company since I was an intern back in 2011, and here is my story of my experience and why I did it a week ago. Leaving behind that status quo was nerve racking, scary and exciting.  Growing balls and deciding to leave a job that was safe, predictable and pretty much a source of income, and drastically cutting the cord, is not something I took lightly. You get to second guess yourself and the decision quite a lot, which is okay and quite normal. Currently, nothing is more satisfying when you get to have a flexible schedule, especially now with orders for my pastry business, uploading videos and content for both the blog and YouTube, I feel so much at ease with this current arrangement /decision.  Just to clear the air for all those who think am clearly out of my damn mind to walk out on a career that is so hard to find or rather that position, this tough and bold decision had to be done. I however, wished it was sooner, but now is even a better time.

These are the two questions that you should be asking yourself. Are you developing new skills at your current job? Is it a big promotion you are waiting for? If either of the answers is NO, then what’s the worse case scenario to get out and try something new and fun for you??

All you have to do, is get the courage to want something better for you. I am serious, challenge yourself if you are in this cross road, if you don’t you may never know what you are capable of until you really try.

If there is one thing to take away from this video or my experience rather, well your current career doesn’t and will not ever define who you are. It is just basically a task that you do. I have learned to shut out all the negative vibe and inhale only but purely positive thoughts.

This is my leap of faith.


If long videos drive you crazy, well this particular one might not be ideal for you, but if you are curious of what went through my head at that time and why I had to do what I had to do, then by all means, get yourself a cup of tea /coffee / popcorn and get comfortable.

Watch it here!


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