One of my most achievable yet growing moment in my path/ niche/ career a side from my previous involvement in the corporate world has got to be my brand #TastieDine – which revolves around this platform – my blog together with my social platforms and my online bakery #TastieBakes – which is also uplifted with the same platforms. I believe every business person has a story of how it all started, with the likes of why this path and what keeps me going etc, but that will be a story for another day. Today’s focus will be mainly on the revamped menus’ just as the topic stated.

Over the years in my self taught baking experience, and as I was building my online bakery business, I’ve witnessed my passion develop as an idea since that’s how everything starts, in bringing it to life in terms of the actual creation and re-creations of the products and service, to the design of the menus, box stickers, brand name, business cards, not forgetting about registering the brand / now company in the eyes of the Kenyan Law, securing that brand name with the hopeful yet wishful thinking of building a platform, to creating my own niche while solving a problem or rather creating a path in a less crowded pastry market and tapping into that market as well as engaging with it – still am, since I am learning everyday as I polish up, and making good but can be great money / wealth out of all of it. It’s definitely not an overnight success. It takes time in terms of all manners of preparation be it in research, looking for the start up capital, if you are lucky enough having an investor to boost you and your idea up, it’s definitely a whole process. Let’s not forget creating an interesting menu with favorable price tags for that particular niche market.

As time went by, I got to learn a new craft /specialty of how to basically graphic design menus among others things thanks to the YouTube space and different free apps. I needed to save every coin for a much bigger plan than hiring someone else to do it for me. My love for D.I.Y’s ( Do It Yourself) has grown rapidly. I mean, I would say the outcome looks pretty dope and I am proud of my work. If you have enough or extra resources, please feel free to hire a professional if you wish, but you don’t really have to for your designs, but I like what I have currently created.

I have had / still have the pleasure of partnering with different food complexes, coffee shops and restaurants within Nairobi in the supply of some of the assorted dessert and pastries listed in the below menu’s. Still an ongoing couple of business relationships. 🙂 Thank you for those involved.

If you are a coffee shop / restaurant / hotel and are in need of a new pastry /dessert to spice on your existing menu and would love to work with me in that supply as per the listing on my menu’s, feel free to contact me via:

Email: [email protected]

Direct Message me on: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

(Bulk orders’ the price tag can be sightly negotiable)

Without all that said and done, I present to you the revamped menus of my online pastry bakery.

  1. Fudgy Chocolate Brownies Menu.

2. French Macarons’ Menu.

3. Baked Donuts’ Menu.

4. Jumbo / Monster cookies’ Menu.

5. Jumbo Muffins’ Menu.

If you have any questions related to this topic, write it down on the comment’s section below and I’ll jump right to it.

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