Some call this “the Baguette sandwich while I call it “Roti John sandwich”.


Roti’ is the Hindi, Urdu and Malay word for bread, and more generally for any bread-based or bread-like food, including sandwiches and pancakes. The origin of the ‘John’ in the name is allegedly due to the Western origin of the baguette and the tomato sauce used in the dish.

It’s Sometimes called Singapore’s version of the burger, roti john is made using a local bread loaf similar to the French baguette, but shorter in length and with rounded ends and a softer texture. Good roti john is considered to be crispy on the outside, while the meat and egg mixture remains soft and the onions crunchy.

“This sandwich comprises of  minced meat {beef, chicken or lamb}, egg and chopped onions. They are fried on a frying pan and then placed into the cavity of a baguette {Long bread} halved lengthwise. The whole baguette is then briefly pan-fried on the frying pan and then served after being cut into several portions. A variant is to place the minced meat, onions and sauce inside the baguette, then baguette dipped into beaten egg, and the whole then pan fried on the frying pan.”

Making “Roti John Sandwich”

Prep time: 5 mins  Cook time 15 mins   Total time: 20 mins

Yields/Serves: = 2 pax

*Main Ingredients*


-1 full-sized French baguette

3/4 cup minced beef

-2 eggs, beaten for each

-Hot and sweet ketchup

-salt, to taste

-1 tsp of cayenne chili flakes

-1 thin stick of unsalted butter


  1. Cut the baguette into halves then quarters portions. Split each portion into halves. Set aside.

P11009132. Add butter to the pan -heating on medium high heat, add in a portion of the minced beef and fry for 3-5 mins, add in the beaten eggs with chili and salt.


3. Once the bottom part of the egg is ready, place the sliced baguette bread on top of the pan –as shown below. cook for 1 min, Remove from the heat. Set aside.

-Repeat the steps for the other baguette bread.


4. Add in the “hot and sweet ketchup”{OPTIONAL} or any other toppings of your choice.


Final Outcome:


Best sandwich to have/prepare anytime of the day. Easy to prepare, and quite filling.


Love and Love.


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