There so many questions I get asked a lot, when it comes to left over dishes. Do you know how boring it is to eat the same food over and over again using the same cooking method?? Trust me, I know its not what you want to be having after a long day.


Yesterday, I got home starving, had lots of fruits during the day but I needed something heavenly to boost my appetite and make me full.

I had some eggs, left over white rice and mince meat with peas. I remembered watching a video from food wishes on you tube- this guy has got amazing great ideas in making dishes.

I always say you don’t necessarily have to copy paste what others make or do, just borrow the idea and “Make it your Own”.

Making ” Scrambled eggs fried Rice”.

Prep time: -5 mins   Cook time: -20 mins   Total time : -25 mins

Yields/Serves :- 3 pax

*Main Ingredients*


– Left over rice

– Left over mince meat {Or any other meat you have}

-3 Eggs

– 1/4 stick of butter

-Salt to taste -for the eggs

-1 Large white onion -chopped

-5 gloves of grated garlic


  1. Make the eggs first, in a hot pan, with the butter. Crack the three eggs directly in to the pan, leave it to form a firm base and then “mix it up” for about 3 mins to make a scramble. Add the salt to taste.


2. When the eggs are ready, in a different saucepan or sufuria, medium heat with a 1/4 stick of butter, then add in the grated garlic and onions, fry them till translucent.

3. Add in the left over mince meat with peas and combine well. cover for 5 -8 mins.


Add in the left over rice, and combine continuously for 5 mins to avoid it sticking at the bottom.


4. Add in the scrambled eggs and mix well. Let the mixture warm for 5 mins , then serve immediately.


Final outcome:


Love and Love


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