Here is how it started. I have been making this dish for the longest time, but I’ve been calling it the “Egg dip” until yesterday, when I posted a similar version on my Facebook page. One of my Facebook friends “Jepp K.Carol told me that I got everything right about this dish, but the actual name was “Shakshuka”. I did my research and there it was……… thanks to Carol for that Edu-macation.


Shakshuka – its a dish which is originally Tunisian and consists of a spicy tomato sauce and eggs on top, can be made any number of ways. Like many dishes with deep cultural roots, a thousand and one different versions exist. Typically, they contain vegetables and potatoes too. You can use anything in this dish: Eggplant and zucchini, squash, feta cheese, chicken… basically ,there are no rules.

I’m thrilled to introduce the concept to you! It’s one of my favorite dishes—a simple, go-to meal that works as a breakfast, lunch, or dinner (“brinner” might be the more appropriate word, since eggs are the star of the dish). I always have the ingredients for shakshuka on hand, and it never fails to make people say “yum!”

Let’s get cooking”.

Making “Shakshuka with potatoes”.

Prep time: 5 mins  Cook time: 30 mins   Total time: 35 mins.

Yields/serves = 2 Pax

*Main Ingredients*


-4 eggs

-4 peeled potatoes

-1 onion

3 tomatoes

-Seasoning: salt + black pepper + ginger +garlic powder +cayenne chili flakes + Paprika.

-Vegetable oil


  1. Dice the tomatoes, potatoes {small cubes} + chop the onions then sent them aside.


2. Heat a non sticking pan on medium high heat, add a dash of vegetable oil. Once hot enough, add in the chopped onions – fry them until they are slightly golden brown.


3. Add in the tomatoes, and fry till they get mashy.


4. Add in the potatoes, and a little water then cover as it simmers for about 6 mins.This will allow the potatoes to cook well enough. Season to taste.


Add in a dash of soy sauce to add a better color to the mix. Cover for another 6 mins {but mix it up every 3 mins}.


5. Create holes using your {mwiko} or wooden cooking stick on the curry, crack eggs into the hole, season and cover it up. Reduce the heat to medium low. {These holes will guide the egg to be stagnant, and avoid the egg yolk to run all over.}


6. After 2 mins – switch of the heat and serve.


Shakshukas’ are best served with the pan, but you can definitely use a plate. {Optional}

This dish is very spicy, works great with lots of eggs, and the eggs have got to be runny.” If you can keep up with this dish, Honey……stay away from this recipe.



This is a traditional Mediterranean dish of vegetables, potatoes, spicy tomato sauce and eggs. Perfect for any occasion. Cheap and comforting, and rich in flavor and history.


Love and Love.


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