“Bits of chips in ever sip.”

Normally a Frappe is a combination of rich mocha, sweet caramel and a hint of coffee, with added chocolate chips, all blended to perfection. Topped with whipped cream plus a double drizzle of chocolate and caramel.


They sell this drink at ‘starbucks” for about $3 to $4 equivalent to Ksh 400, while some places in the abroad the price is between $10 to $20. Why would you want to spend all that and you can totally make it at home??

Woke up today craving coffee ice cream, but I’m not certain they sell that in Nairobi, {somebody correct me if am wrong}, but believe me when I say, When I crave for a certain type of food or drink, every one in that room is going to have a LONG…long day, if I don’t get what I want. A thought just brushed through my mind of “Frappuccinos”, and I got so excited since I had all the ingredients necessary to make this cold -yummy drink.

“I have to confess, lately, I have been ice cubing a lot of drinks like red wine, smoothies and coffee. This is me trying new things, and techniques but you can’t assume or judge until you try them out you might end up loving them.”

My version of : “Making a Chocolate Chip Frappe”

Serves 3 pax

*Main Ingredients*


-1/2 cup of  chocolate chips

-1 cup of milk

-1/2 cup of  coffee ice-cubes

-1 Tablespoon of sugar

-3 Tablespoons of chocolate syrup

-1 tsp of vanilla extract



  1. Start with the base of the blender, add in the milk, chocolate chips, vanilla, coffee ice-cubes, sugar and chocolate syrup. Blend them together for 3 mins.


Serve Immediately.P1110054


You can serve using a tall glass or a mason jar, add any toppings you have eg {Whipping cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips or even a fruit.}


Love and Love


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