Spanish Omelette, is a typical Spanish dish consisting of an egg omelette made with added potatoes and fried in vegetable oil.


In Spanish, this dish is called tortilla de patatas or tortilla española to distinguish it from a plain omelette (tortilla francesa, literally “French omelette”). Tortilla in origin meant just “small torte/cake”. These dishes are unrelated to the maize or wheat tortilla of Mexico and neighbouring countries, a thin flatbread.

This being my first time to prepare this version of an omelette as some may call it, but its original name should be “SPANISH TORTILLA” {NB: The double L” in tortilla is silent“}, and watching a bunch of different video on how to make it, Well….. let just say, I went out to buy a “non- sticking pan”. Yes, all the videos I watched, they kept on insisting of  “For this dish to come out really good, you’ve got to use a non- sticking pan”. Trust me, It did wonders!!!.

Let’s get cooking”

Making “Spanish Tortilla with Smokies”.


Prep time: 10 mins   Cook time: 20 mins  Total time = 30 mins

Yields/Serves = 3 pax.

*Main Ingredients*


-3 peeled potatoes

-4 eggs

-4 smokies

-1 cup of vegetable oil

-1 diced onion

-1 tomato

-seasoning : salt, cayenne chili flakes and black pepper

-Non-sticking Pan

-Strainer {“Kichungi”}


  1. Dice the sausages and place aside. Thinly dice the potatoes into quarters wash, drain water and set aside. Season the eggs, then beat them lightly then set aside.


2. Add the vegetable oil to the “Non-sticking pan” and heat it on medium high heat. Once hot enough, add in the onions, -let it caramelize {fry till slightly golden brown} for 3 mins.

P1110087 3. Add in the diced potatoes to the onions and fry them for 3 -5 mins.


4. Add in the chopped smokies to the mixture, and fry for 3 mins while covered.


5. After 5 mins, poke the potatoes to see how well cooked it is. If you think its cooked up well. Switch off heat and drain the oil-potato mix  using a strainer on a heat proof bowl or use another sufuria to capture the excess oil.

The potato mixture should look something like this.


6. Add the diced tomatoes to potato mixture then season -mix well, then add in the egg wash to the potato and mix once again.


7. Using the same pan, add a Table spoon of the drained oil – on medium heat, add in the potato- egg mix to the hot pan. Make sure to spread the mixture out. Let it heat for 3 mins. Give the pan a shake to make sure it doesn’t stick. Once the omelette is firm enough, use a cold plate or a “chapati rolling board” {Like I did} and place the flat surface on the pan, then flip the pan over.

Place the pan back on the stove, gently return the omelette back to the pan, with the uncooked side on the pan. Cook it for 3 mins.

8. Once the omelette is firm enough {touch it with your finger}, do the same flip, turn of the heat and set it aside for 10 mins.




9. Cut it out like Pizza and plate it. I chose to sprinkle “chocolate chip. You can totally add any other toppings of your choice.


Love and Love


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