Do y’all know how many dishes you can make using Eggs? I believe there are more than 10 recipes for eggs, what matters is how you cook it, spice it and dress it.

The past few days, I can honestly admit that my craving for junk food especially “Meat Deluxe” pizza has been ringing in my mind and my mouth immediately gets watery. The only way I can get that craving out of my head, you wouldn’t believe it but it has to do with watching food network and cooking ideas from you-tube videos.

That is just a by the way.

I’ve been meaning to make scotched eggs for a while now, and finally I did it yesterday. Talk about a tasty- Spicy and a bit oily dish. My workmates are actually enjoying some of the pieces I brought in to work this morning. By their face reactions, well…. I am a great cook. What other way to start a cold morning than with a spicy dish?? Yeeeeeeeah!!

Happy thoughts Only!


“Minced sausages are normally used to prepare this dish, but I also learnt that minced beef {Or any other meat} can work too.”


Here is my version of “Making Spicy scotched eggs“.

Prep time: 15 mins     Total time: 1 hr

Yields/ Serves – 4 pax

*Main Ingredients*


– 6 hard boiled eggs

– 500g  of fresh minced beef

-4 tsp of raising flour {Chapati flour}

-4 cloves of grated garlic

-1 cup of bread crumbs

-2 beaten eggs in a bowl

-1 raw egg

– Vegetable cooking oil

*Powdered ingredients*

– 1 tsp of red chili

-1 tsp of coriander

– 1/2 tsp of black pepper

1 tsp of salt


  1. Take a big bowl or container- place the meat and try to separate before mixing the powdered ingredients.

minced beef

2. Add in the powdered ingredients to the meat, and mix it thoroughly using your clean hands. Add in the grated garlic and continue with the mixing.

meat with ingredients

garlic meat

3. After mixing the garlic to the meat, take the 1 egg, crack it. First separate the yolk from the egg white. Apply vegetable oil to your hand to avoid the mixture sticking to your hands.Place the yolk into the meat mix. {Not to use the egg white -place it away}.

yolk to beef

4.  Using the 4 tsp of flour on to a bowl, roll the boiled eggs into the flour and place aside.

flour and eggs

5. Last stage before frying. Using your hands, grab a hand full of the meat mixture, make a burger. Add in bits of flour to avoid it sticking. Take the floured boiled egg, place it in the middle of your burger, and make sure to cover it fully. No white should be seen.

Final part

Shell the eggs

6. Repeat that step with the other eggs until you make a ball out of it.

Egg balls

7. Using the beaten eggs, take the meat balls, roll the in the egg mix, then coat them in the bread crumbs, and place aside. Repeat the steps, till all the balls are coated with bread crumbs.

Coated balls

8. Medium heat your pan with enough oil for deep frying the egg balls. When hot enough, start frying them until golden brown.

Frying Egg balls

9. When all is golden and brown, prepare a plate or bowl, place paper towels or serviettes. Place them there to drain out excess oil, as they chill.

Scotched eggs


Before you set the table or plating, cut them in the middle to make sure the meat is all cooked. Mine weren’t all cooked well, so I cut them all into halves and re-cooked the for 1 min each, then plated them when you are done.

Final outcome

You could serve with potato wedges, sauces, or just garnish it with tomatoes like I did, then add a glass of milk {The Kalenjin in me} Lol.


Best dish served.

Garlic makes food taste and smell soo good.


My food

Love and Love.


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