There has been so much love I’ve been receiving since my last article on the chicken biryani recipe. I totally didn’t expect it neither did I think it would bring joy to many who love a simpler version of this biryani recipe. My version may not have been the original version but its my version and that’s what matters most. As per the comments I got on my official Facebook page were pointing out interesting tips on how to improve on the recipe and I appreciate every single tip. We are all here to listen, observe and learn a thing or two.

This chicken mix I’ve used in today’s recipe is part of the same as that of the chicken biryani recipe. While I was prepping the biryani dish, I initially divided the marinated chicken mix and place part of it in the freezer for this particular dish. In case you think you missed out on the chicken biryani recipe, check it out here to find out the ingredients used to make in marinating the chicken.

Let’s now talk about this “Spicy chicken noodle soup”.

Chicken soup is a soup made from chicken, simmered in water, usually with various other ingredients. The classic chicken soup consists of a clear chicken broth, often with pieces of chicken or vegetables; common additions are pasta, noodles, dumplings, or grains such as rice and barley.

“Chicken noodle soup isn’t just a recipe its’ more of a soul food meditation. Part of the magic is tasting and smelling the goodness of that steaming hot bowl of soup. It’s all part of the experience.”

Here’s what you’ll need:

Prep time: 5 min  Cook time: 25 mins  Total time: 30 mins

Yields: 1 serving

Serves: 1 pax

Main Ingredients:

  • Marinated chicken mix = Previously used in the Biryani recipe
  • Indomie chicken flavored noodles
  • 2 Tablespoons of vegetable cooking oil
  • 2 cups of water

Important tools used:

  • Stove
  • sauce pan + lid
  • wooden spoon
  • Soup bowl
  • Fork


Step 1: Cook the chicken – In a sauce pan over medium heat, add oil to the pan, add in the marinated chicken mix, toss everything well. Cover and cook over low heat for 20 mins first.. Once all the water from the chicken has evaporated, and the browning at the bottom {Caramelization} has started taking place, add in 1 -1/2 cups of the water, and cover to cook for 2 mins over high heat.

Step 2: Cook the noodles – Using the same sauce pan cooking the chicken, add in the noodles, plus the remaining 1/2 cup of water, cover and allow everything to cook for 3 mins over high heat.

Step 3: Turn off the heat and serve while still hot.

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