Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with my colleagues about food, Of-course. Making kebabs is easy” they said, Caro and Chebet emphasized on how easy it is “a piece of cake” to prepare. They went on describing what ingredients to use, and at the back of my mind, I remembered I had all those at home. The only thing I had to buy was fresh meat. I felt like “I got this” in terms of hacking this dish.

Got home and tried my skills, and failed miserably. Making a new dish is a trial and error. Though, what I prepared, dint come out as bad as I am ranting. The part where it didn’t come out well is the egg part- coating.

If you are reading this and you a “NINJA” in making Kebabs, I seriously need some lesson.”


“How to make “Spicy mini-kebabs“.


*Main Ingredients*

– 300g of minced beef

– 6 cloves of garlic

-1/2 tablespoon of salt

– 1/2 tablespoon of chili flakes

1/4 tsp of black pepper

1/4 tsp of coriander

1/2 tablespoon of paprika


1. First, grate the cloves of garlic and add it directly to the meat and mix using your hands.


2. Add in the powdered spices to the meat and continue mixing using your hands.


3. Pinch out the meat, and make a mini- roll of the meat {To whichever size}. continue till all the meat is rolled.P1090572

4. Medium heat vegetable oil in a pan, and when hot enough, add in the meat.


Allow them to fry for 3-5 mins as they turn golden brown. Here is the first batch of the kebabs – They did shrink to these size. Sad, but eatable. For a try out, I took 3 pieces and rolled them in beaten eggs put them back in the hot oil.

The outcome was depressing!! Aaaaargh!!!!


5. Previously, I had prepared french fries, and decided to garnish the plate for this dish.

Final outcome:


They came out really appetizing and spicy. They may have backfired on the egg part, but I will be trying out this dish soon and see how well I can perfect this food art.

If you have some tips on Kebabs”, feel free to guide me through it.

Edumacate me!!

Love and Love


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