My morning addiction recently has been ‘SMOOTHIES’.

sunrise smoothie

Smoothies are the most healthy and easy drinks that anyone can make in their home. You can either decide to make a vegetable smoothie or a fruit smoothie. Let just say my preference is the fruit ones.

Here are the few steps in making smoothies.

Step 1:

Add any fruit of your choice- it can either be fresh or frozen.


Step 2:

Choose a base- at the bottom of the blender. Either Milk, yogurt, water,or juice should always be at the bottom before any adding any fruits.


Step 3:

Thickening up.- some of the ingredients that you can use to thicken your smoothie are: ice-cream, yogurt or crushed ice.

Step 4: 

Adding Flavor -In order to boost your smoothie flavor, you can either use, spices, herbs or cinnamon without actually adding calories.

Step 5:

Blend all that and enjoy the outcome. You can use any type of glass of your choice.

pineapple smoothie

What are your favorite smoothies and what ingredients do you use?

Starting with the #SmoothiesLove

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  • Njeri Mbogo

    Hi, I’m Njeri and I’m a smoothie addict 🙂 🙂

    • Tastie Dine

      Me too @Njeri. Love Smoothies. I believe its the best way to compensate sometimes for water. Though both water and Smoothies come in handy.

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