My Cooking motto is always “Make it your own”.


No matter your ingredients, or what you are cooking, you don’t necessarily have to go by the book. Be playful, make it colorful and appetizing and presentable both by using your eyes and mouth for tasting. Make people want to eat your dishes.

If you have noticed, I tend to make my dishes very easy and very healthy.

My version of “How to make Sweet corn Salsa“.


-1 full red Onion

– 3 large tomatoes

– 1 cucumber

– 1/2 green pepper

– garlic

– sweet corns {or more depending on your guests}

– a bunch of parsley {ndania}

– Seasoning ingredients {Salt, pepper, powder, chili}


1. Remove the sweet corn from the cob, by using a knife. NB: “the quantity of corn to use depends on the number of guest your have”.



2. Chop up the other ingredients and place them in a bowl.

chopped ingredients

3. Shallow fry the sweet corn with the tomatoes first, then add in the other chopped ingredients and stir for 3 to 8 minutes. Then season the mix.

shallow fry

4. Squeeze in some lime juice on the sweet corn and continue to stir.

5. Serve while still hot.


Feel free to share how you make your own version of “Sweet corn salsa”.

Love and Love.

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