I’ve decided to PAUSE and really live in the moment. I’ve been getting lots of questions on e-mail about my food blogging and Le belle trends “entrepreneur-ship” which I have gladly answered. Here is a side of me, that most of you haven’t heard or read about. 🙂


Making: Plans to keep growing. In terms of making wealth {Inserts Dad’s voice}, making money, and networking with like mind people.

Cooking: More easy recipes for you guys. Easy to whip up after a long day.

Drinking: More or is it at least a glass of South Africa’s 4 cousins red wine every evening. However, I prefer white wine any day.

Watching: Lots and lots of “The domestic Geek , Laura in the Kitchen , Gordon Ramsay and Food wishes cooking shows on you tube. These guys are my favorite people to watch when it comes to food or drink recipes. LOVE!!

Reading: Books written by E.L. James. She is best know for “50 shades of grey books. Two months ago, I got my hands on the first book -50 shades of grey- finished it within one week. Yesterday, I finally got the second book “50 shades darker”. Chapter four here I come. If you love romantic novels- get yourself one of these.

Exploring: Hair styles. I’m currently rocking the biggest Afro in Nairobi – So I think. I literary turn heads, for the sake of “the good, the bad and the Afro like minded souls. The first day I got out of the salon with the hair, I thought I probably made a huge mistake in choosing this style, but I decided to challenge myself. FYI – Have you guys seen Aevin Dugas – She’s got the biggest natural Afro hair recorded in the Guinness book of world records. Now you know. I proudly rock my fro.

Craving: Acharis. You know the ones being sold at Jamia mosque? Yeah those mango flavored ones especially the yellow colored ones. Been eating them for two weeks in a row. Just the first bite, will literary cause a salivary water pool in your mouth. YUM!!

Playing: WORD BRAIN. Forget candy crush saga, this is the ultimate most challenging word game with hundreds of levels. Its very easy when you start, then it gets harder and eats your brain. I love challenges and puzzles.

Watching: Repeating to watch: HOW TO BE SINGLE. Rebel Wilson -“FAT AMY” is super hilarious and I always fall in love with her weird character. The movie takes about 2 hours, I believe I watched for 3 hours, blame it on the rewinding and re-laughing at fat amy’s scenes. Amazing movie.

Working: Amazingly with numerous top United Kingdom clothing designers courtesy of Le belle trends my online clothing store on both Facebook and Instagram for a year now. If you adore and appreciate classy, fancy and quality designer wear, contact me to make your orders. Fortunately, I only work on pre-order collection.

Liking: Fifth harmony’s songs -“Work from Home“, as well as their new song “Write on me“. #Sigh

Needing: Another tattoo, but where to put it is the challenge. Any ideas??

Wearing: My big Afro and not caring about others opinion.

Noticing:  That half of the year is almost over and I still got 1 pending resolution I’ve haven’t accomplished yet. DAMN!!

Following: This guy- donth8tae on Instagram and snapchat -Donte Hall. His videos are HILARIOUS. He does make me happy.

Knowing: I am destined to live a comfortable, lavish and amazing life.

Adoring: Janelle Monae’s and Serayah’s {Tiana – on empire } fashion styles. Too Chic.

Thinking: Of getting a full body scrub, full body massage, waxing and Steaming -In that order.

Hoping: To travel the world very soon. 🙂

Using: Uber -a little bit too much. I dumped Easy Taxi for Uber.

Hoping: to overcome my fear of driving especially up a hill and on round a bouts but first…… read below”

Learning: hehehehhehe – How to drive. LOL!!

Enjoying: Snap chats’ filters.

Appreciating : FAMILY.



Love and Love,


Tastie Dine - Author

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