I cannot believe I’ve had or rather done only two versions of “taking stock”. In my head all this time, I thought I had published about six but clearly, that’s not the case. It’s been a year since my last post on this topic, so now I’ve decided to revisit a third version and more to come. For the past couple of months I have been concentrating so much content on food and it recipes which have been an awesome journey, that I strayed away from taking a tiny break and re-evaluating on a few pointers and actually finding out if am moving forward in the right direction or not.

Shall we?

Setting: Or rather “Have Set”– Only one goal this year. It’s all about saving money because the world revolves around money. Taking time to think really smartly before I purchase literary anything. I always ask myself this question – Can I do without item/service X? If the answer is YES!! -take that money and bank it into your savings account. Trust me, you will feel like such a millionaire two days down the line.

Detoxing: From – negativity, stupidity, and naivety. Well, isn’t this self-explanatory?

Becoming: Or rather – Being” My biggest supporter of thinking, building, business, and branding.

Creating: New relationships, hopefully amazing more content on this platform and soon YouTube.

Planning: On investing in quite a number of tech survey equipment for the purpose of YouTube content creating courtesy of food.

Adoring: Patricia Bright’s YouTube content because she has become one of my ultimate favorite hilarious Vloggers. She does make me happy.

Improving: On food photography. I need to learn everything like yesterday, but clearly, Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Almost –Celebrating: 30 years in this world in one month’s time. Time is really moving fast.

Changing: What life gives to me. The more effort you put into something, the results are what you get. More effort more results.

NOT Accepting: Failure.

Wishing: I had the guts to walk in public without wearing a bra underneath and not give a S*.

Playing: You don’t know me Courtesy of the TV show – STAR – Just listen to the Lyrics, you’ll understand why.

Loving: this song – I want you Courtesy of the TV show – STAR. I’m obsessed.

Reading: A LOT – A LOT of Biko Zulu’s Blog. Am super inspired by his writing skills and content creation. He’s my favorite Kenyan Blogger. I love Tuesday’s because of his posts.

Wearing: Makeup. Before 3 months ago, I was that person who wondered what the whole fuss of wearing makeup was all about. Now am that girl who would rather be late than to look BASIC AF. The fact that I now know how to apply makeup all by myself, is a goal. I feel BOUJEE AF with makeup on.

Thinking: It’s about time for me to learn how to drive a car. Not just a video game!!

Perfecting: Trying to perfect – on bread baking. It’s time-consuming yes, but super worth it.

Craving: on having a couple of babies. Not sure when this will happen but I have been having baby blues lately. With No serious man in my life – WHAT DID I EXPECT??

Bookmarking: On quite a number of online decor and clothing/accessories stores. The likes of – ShopMissA – where literary every gorgeous item on this website is $1 – Ksh 100, same site I buy all my makeup kit. Yes, you heard right!! Amazon, YesStyle, AliExpress and Etsy, just to mention a couple of my favorite shopping sites.

Hoping:  That I could have Kinky and long hair.  I have some crazy hairstyle that I’d love to try out, but reality check, my hair when wet it’s like a wet cat. Its super soft -Which I love BTW, but not so many styles for it. 🙁

Updating: My portfolio. Still trying to figure out who will be my next photographer. Any ideas which photographer to help me update my folio?? Leave their names /Pages in the comment section below.

Hating: Olivia Pope’s current character on the TV show -SCANDAL. She’s become BAD- Mean and a don’t care. Worse than her Father -Command”. She is Command. I hate it. What do you guys think of her now, character??

Looking: for a place that I can relearn salsa dance. If you know a place here in Nairobi, please let me know the location and details on the comment section below.

Watching: A lot of dance movies, and dance everything, because I can’t dance professionally to save my life.

That’s it for today. Thank you for stopping by and reading till the end. Muchos love to y’all. Until next time which is on Friday – Au revoir.

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