There is a purpose for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you and some will teach you, but most importantly some will bring the best in you. Learn to see and accept the differences between these people and carry on accordingly.

Enjoying: Baking different foodie stuff. I never thought my meat loaf recipe would look and taste so damn good. I’m TRYING – or not, to be as healthy as possible when it comes to preparing different dishes.

Eating: Lots and lots of BLT sandwiches from my Ultimate best “so far” coffee shop in Nairobi –Kaldis Coffee House . For the past three weeks, this has been my morning glory – its such a booster. Kaldis -We sure need to do business together.

Craving: Meat loaf ,mash potato, steamed french beans with mushroom sauce.

Reading – Finished Reading:  E.L.James – fifty shades of grey -all the three books, and now I’ve been recommended by many to get books by Sylvia Day. Similar genre to fifty shades of grey. I eagerly await for the 50 shades movies to come out. I highly recommend y’all reading the books first, then watching the movie. The books are much more interesting as compared to the movie.

Drinking: At least two glasses of white wine every day by four cousins. Its soothing, massages my mouth , crisp and delicious. Who could say NO to that?On the other hand, Red wine is not drink-able for me. White wine is everything.

Appreciating: The love and traffic you guys have brought to this blog especially for the two week old Facebook fan page. We are now at 2,485 likes. I mean Who would have thought?? Also not forgetting much love directed to my online clothing Facebook fan page , so much support and happy clients sending referrals. THANK YOU 🙂

Creating: An endless list of different “out of the box” dishes I’d love to make for you and I, that No Kenyan food blogger has thought off. This is going to be a fun and crazy ride.

Wishing: Mortgages didn’t exist, but we’ve got to work and achieve what we want at the end of the day.

Smelling: Jennifer Lopez’s dreamy – perfume -Live” all day every day. Its been my heavenly scent for almost 10 year and counting.

Needing : A serious wardrobe make over. More statement, shoes, jackets and body-con dresses. I gave a special someone in my life 3/4 of my clothing items yesterday and it Felt amazing to see her smile.

Deciding – Decided:  To always leave a tip after a great service at any given restaurant. Been doing this for the past 2 months in every restaurant I’ve been to. Brightening the day for someone else apart from myself, makes me happy.

Wasting: No time for FAKE FRIENDS.

Continuing : doing what am doing, building my empires, sealing deals and having a blast while at it.

Wearing: more patterns, bold colors and high waist denim jeans. It brings out the best in my curves and I need more of them.

Knowing : The best feeling in the world is knowing that I actually mean something to someone. 🙂

Thankful: That I finally got a promotion at work.

Cece -BW

Thanks for always reading.

Love and Love


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