The internet is my classroom. I have no professional experience in baking. Everything I have learned over these couple of years is all thanks to the internet, reading foodie books and interacting with other professional bakers. Most of these professional bakers are overseas. Most popular questions I get asked a lot from clients I’ve already worked with – Do I intend to open my very own bakery shop in the future? Hell yeah!! Do I intend to open one soon? Not at the moment, because it’s not a big priority right now. Am still learning this industry. Having room for improvement, buying and using the right equipment for baking, having a wide range of recipes and recreating my own recipes is part of my PRIORITY right now.

Remember, it’s the combination of the basics done perfectly, combined with a slight twist to differentiate you from other bakers that will have your bread not only come out of the oven fully baked, but going into the hands of eager, repeat customers.

My current focus: Not in any order.

  1. Don’t work alone: – It’s very important to work with people who have the same mind set as you, especially if you are doing this business as a full-time job. I am currently practicing this beautiful art at my own comfortable backyard -“My house” as a monetizable hobby since I already have a full-time job. However, once in a while, have a person or two on speed dial, who got your back no matter what – Not necessarily family, but people whom you share the same passion with.
  2. Branding: How it should always start. Have an idea, visualize it, Put your money where your dreams at, and Bring it to life. What does this mean? Take my experience for instance: I always had and still have a passion for cooking delicious, tasty simple dishes. That’s how I got into this business. I borrowed my dad’s Panasonic camera “that I have never returned” to document /take pictures of food that I cooked. I was terrible at it. Didn’t know how to use that camera, leave alone how to plate food, but that did not stop me – I still ended up posting those terrible pictures back in 2015. Long story short, “I had an idea” and pushed on with it. Once my idea was constantly in my day dreams, I visualized it by putting it on paper. For you, it can be a design of a dress, logo for your future company, or basically anything. I had that. Born and raised in Nairobi, I wanted my logo to be part of where I am from. I basically took the shell of the Nairobi buildings and made it my own, and the LOGO was born. With no experience of how to design or graphics work, I got a recommendation from a friend, and from then, he’s one of the best designers – “Kolo” – Collins Ochieng – whom I get to work with every other time. Invest in that person, your idea and help each other bring it to life. The brand is born.
  3. Marketing: I have seven years experience in the marketing field – specifically in the hotel industry. This experience is part of the Tastie bakes life. We cannot do without marketing and its’ tools. The internet has made it easier for marketing to take place. From the social media to sponsored ads, word of mouth which brings referrals, and don’t forget giveaways – Only if your work is that good. In another dimension /world – If I could shout out from every roof top selling what am selling now was the only way to bring more clients to me, I would definitely do that. No sweat. That should tell you, how much I have invested in this craft /passion.
  4. Investment: Nothing comes easy nor is it for free. Investment can be in form of liquid money, time, Energy, Patience and a good Camera. Put your money where your mouth is. It’s as simple as that.
  5. Research: Read, read and read more. Books, the internet, connect with like mind people. You can do all this if you are passionate about something.
  6. Practice: It does make perfect. That is why I have this blog, to help some if not most of you learn something similar to what I have. More research means more baking, more time to learn from your mistakes before actually selling a product or a service.
  7. Packaging: How you present a product to me, you and everyone out there is VERY IMPORTANT. Branding doesn’t have to be expensive. If you are into arts and crafts – DIY is your friend. You can totally buy ready made products from inexpensive stores or whatever you like. Have you bought any goodies from me? If not, you should. I put quite a lot of thought into the packaging. I have had over five clients who just bought my pastries, for the main purpose of the packaging. How cool is that?? Bring it to life.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

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