Whats the point of buying flavored water, and you can totally make one at home??


I get it, I have fallen into this addictive category of buying flavored water, which tastes heavenly, that’s if you haven’t really tried it out. Having that sip especially when its chilled and during a really hotel day, its So refreshing. I believe most of us are just lazy to get to our kitchen to fix up a snack or a hot meal or leave alone a drink, that we end up eating take out, or dining out. Once in a while is okay, but everyday… Its just too expensive and lazy.

Like I have mentioned on my previous post, that being creative with whatever form of cooking one prefers is a first step to the right direction of eating healthy and staying hydrated. Make it our own.

At one point in my life, it was super hard for me to drink plain warm or cold water. Now I can totally enjoy tasty water also suitable for children.

Here are my favorite three ways to acquire flavored water.

1. Frozen fruit Method.


  • Use any fruit. -if ¬†fruit has got big seeds like Mangoes, just cut out the seed, remove the peels and cut into cubes. For this part, I mostly use {Berry fruits} ie. strawberries, blue-berries, raspberries or grapes.
  • Put the fruits into the ice cube tray, add in plain water or soda [sprite or krest}.
  • Place it back in the freezer, until stone cold.
  • Have a glass jar of half filled water, add in the ice cubes and let it chill for 2 min
  • Then serve.

2. Blend fruit -iced method.


  • Choose fruits of your choice.
  • Add them to a blender and blend.
  • When ready, bring out your ice -cube tray and pour in the juice on the rack.
  • Place it back to the freezer.
  • When stone cold, fill your glass jar with water and add in the flavored cubes.
  • Then serve.

3. Natural flavored water.

This is one of the simplest methods. No work needed.

natural water

  • Chop up the choice of fruits you need
  • Fill a glass jar with chilled water.
  • Add in your fruits, mix it up and serve.

This three methods among many others are suitable for both the adults and children. Just make sure when serving it to children, the water is at medium temperature, and not too cold.


For the flavored water, you can practically use any fruit, herbs and spices EXCEPT bananas, they don’t come out as others. Not recommendable.

How do you flavor your water??

Love and Love.

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