Wishing my mini- work vacay could go on and on. I was actually debating about a massage or a trip to elementaita, clearly the trip won. The word “Vacay” shouldn’t in this conversation, but heck Yass!!! I can say whatever I want since its my story.


My trip started on 2nd Aug on Sunday, for a work “thing” trip, since I had a group of clients for one of the leading university checking in on Sunday and Monday for a conference and accommodation. Its advisable for the marketer who did the reservations to be on the ground to meet the clients before the clients actually get to the lodge. That is what happened. I had to arrive early, settle in to my room, take selfies and have some food. In other words get comfortable. 🙂

I have been to this hotel a number of times, but every time am here, it feels like a new experience all together. From Nairobi to  Elementaita is about 1hr 45 mins drive. At the main highway to the hotel- there is a rough road and it takes 10 mins walk to the main gate for the 600 m route. I like to walk, some what of an exercise, but in disguise “I am terrified of riding on motorbikes“. You can totally have a ride on one of those bikes instead of walking.


Welcome to Elementaita Country Lodge.

Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures and food.


The new block of the superior standard rooms are seen on the left side. Peek a boo for the double rooms. {This means 1 big bed on the side and a regular on the side} as seen in the picture. Something clients always confuse with a twin room. Twin rooms actually means {the bed sizes are of the same size}, which isn’t seen at this hotel. Which eventually became my room.


Once I checked in at the reception, I went right to the restaurant to get my belly full before checking in to my room.



I ordered an ala carte meal of ” Grilled boneless chicken with white rice and some “kachumbari”.

Ala carte

The garden -pool restaurant.


Outside is my favorite place to be, since its ever green, beautiful and the sunshine was up and bright.

The swimming pool area and garden restaurant. The guy caught my eye.


Most prestigious room in this hotel is the Cottage room.


Lets talk food- especially the breakfast section being my favorite meal of the day.


Bacon!!! bacon and more BACON!!! Slurrrrrp!


When the sun starts to set, walking to lake Elementaita is just something magical.



Path to the lake- from the hotel.


If you haven’t been to this lodge, the August holidays are here, so make time to visit this gorgeous hotel.


See you soon ECL.

Love TD.

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