Nothing beats pancakes for breakfast, but this is not just ANY kind of pancakes. They are the ultimate, flavor tasting vanilla -parsley pancakes. {I had to add in some whats of green in there} to make it sound cooler, and adds flavors with color. I’m a bad ass Ninja!! This rocks my boat – Don’t judge me.

Imagine waking up every Sunday to- vanilla pancakes, several stripes of bacon, cheesy club sandwiches with lots of ham and scrambled eggs, and definitely not forgetting your glass of juice or coffee. Have you imagined that?? …..Well, that only happens to some of us who have “Stable #Baes”. If you don’t have yourself one of those, you better smell the coffee and get yourselves ready with your apron whisking eggs or something….. because a girl’s got to eat.


Let’s make “Vanilla -Parsley Pancakes”.

*Main ingredients*


-1 cup of all purpose flour {making thin pancakes}

-1 cup of milk {at room temp}

-4 Table spoons of sugar

-2 eggs

-1 tsp of cinnamon

-1 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract

-parsley {dhania}

*First things First*

1 Mix all the dry ingredients together -that’s the flour, cinnamon and sugar, using a wooden spoon.


Then mix the liquid ingredients together with the eggs. First whisk the eggs, then add in vanilla extract and lastly the milk.


2. Add bits of the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients while you mix until all has been mixed well without lumps and all smooth.


3. Add in the parsley and combine together. Pre-heat your pan on medium high heat using butter {Preferred oil} since it doesn’t burn, and it give out a better taste to the pancakes than vegetable oil.


4. When the pan with melted butter is hot enough, is when you pour in the “Batter”, but never spread it, just pick up your pan from the heat and turn it side ways, then back to the heat.


5. When all the cooking is done, switch the heat off and serve when ready. Or better yet, add your favorite toppings. I sprinkled chocolate syrup and a little castor sugar. On the side, I served warm milk and tangerine.

Final outcome:


….and hell yass!! I finished that all on my own ,  but after two days. I could totally smell and taste the vanilla, cinnamon and the parsley….well that added flavor and color to the pancakes.

Y’all should try this.

Cooking tip: “If you prefer or want to make fluffy pancakes, self raising flour is the best as compared to an all purpose flour.

Love and Love.


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Comments ( 2 )

  • Mayah

    Just stumbled upon your blog. The pancakes look lovely.
    Just a teensy-weensy correction-Dhania is coriander, not parsley.

    • Tastie Dine

      Thanks Mayah for the correction. Though the two look soo much a like.

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